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About Aries Embedded GmbH

ARIES offers innovative solutions in the areas of embedded systems. The company provides design services focusing on ARIES polarfire FPGA technology and Open Source Software. The company leverages the newest embedded systems technology and converts them to genuine products.

The company is headquartered in Munich, in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany, and was established in 2001. Their modular system designs can be used for functional prototypes and pilot series. In addition, ARIES offers hardware products that may either be in modular systems or custom designs.

In addition, this company provides services for IP development (such as the integration of RISC-V softcore) and software development (FreeRTOS, U-Boot, Linux). All these are based on Microsemi’s Polarfire FPGA and SoC families.


Products and Technologies

ARIES Embedded operates RISC-V softcore on the Polarfire FPGAs under FreeRTOS with a development environment based on Buildroot. The company produces assemblies as well as complete embedded systems.


ARIES Product Catalog

Product Category Featured Products Features
Evaluation Kit SpiderBase
  • Simple baseboard in 2 layer design
  • Compatibility to the Spiderboard SoM as well as the MX10 SoM.
  • Open hardware
  • MxM2 PCB edge connector
  • Large 25×15 .1” prototyping area
System on Module QSMP-1510
  • Processor STM32MP151A
  • 256 MB LPDDDR3 RAM
  • 128 MB SLC NAND Flash
  • Display-IF 24-bit RGB
  • Dimensions 27mm x 27mm x 2.3mm
  • -40°C…+85°C

ARIES Embedded Product Applications

ARIES Embedded hardware solutions and devices are used for general purpose applications. These products can be applied in any industry looking for high-grade, high-performance embedded systems design.


International ARIES Distributors

ARIES Embedded solutions products are distributed worldwide by official distributors like BD Electronics



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