About IXYS Corporation

About IXYS Corporation


IXYS, a leading manufacturer of power semiconductors, has offices in Milpitas, California, and Leiden, the Netherlands. More than 2500 clients worldwide use its diverse product line of specialized power semiconductors, integrated circuits, and RF power in the industrial, transportation, telecommunications, computer, medical, consumer, and clean tech areas. They became a significant provider to the telecommunications, security, utility metering, and industrial control industries as a pioneer in the creation of Solid State Relays (SSRs).


High-performance MOSFETs, drivers, and integrated modules using the DE-Series packaging are offered by the IXYS brand. In order to make their technology available to a larger range of applications and markets, the design team at IXYS created a die specifically for usage in their DE-Series package. They also made advantage of the industry standard packaging that is now in use.


IXYS Corporation Products & Technologies


IXYS Corporation offers a variety of high-quality products to its customers, such as power devices, integrated circuits, micro controllers, RF Power, stacks, subsystems, and assemblies, and display drivers.



The company offers products in the following categories;

Power Devices

  • Discrete MOSFETs
  • Discrete IGBTs
  • Stacks, subsystems, and assemblies
  • Rectifier Diodes – stud and capsule types

Integrated Circuits

  • Featured IXYS IC Division Product
  • P/N Index, Application Notes, & PCNs
  • Solid State Relays/Semiconductor Relays
  • Optocouplers
  • Power Products
  • High Voltage Devices
  • Sense and Control Products
  • Telecom Products
  • Non-Volatile Programmable Capacitors
  • Display Products


  • Z8 Encore!
  • ZNEO
  • Classic Products
  • eZ80
  • Z8051
  • S3 Family
  • ZNEO32!

RF Power

Stacks, Subsystems, and Assemblies

Display Drivers

IXYS Corporation Components Product Applications

IXYS products provide customers numerous uses in a variety of industries, including:


  • Automotive
  • Industrial and communication systems
  • Electronics
  • Computer systems
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Clean tech
  • Industrial
  • Power
  • Security
  • Utility metering
  • Control industries
  • Medical
  • Consumer


IXYS Corporation Distributors

IXYS Corporation distributors offer a variety of cutting-edge products all over the world, including power devices, integrated circuits, microcontrollers, RF power, stacks, subsystems, and assemblies, as well as display driver products. Moreover, the best pricing on high-performance IXYS Corporation components may be found at BD Electronics, a distributor of IXYS.


A global distributor of out-of-date electrical parts, BD Electronics specializes in locating hard-to-find components. You can submit your part requests for sourcing electronic components, and we’ll let you pick the price range at your request.


FAQ About IXYS Corporation

Q1: Who bought IXYS?

A: For a total of $750 million in cash and equity, Littelfuse Inc. acquired IXYS Corporation in August 2017. IXYS Corporation was delisted from the NASDAQ in January 2018 after Littelfuse completed the acquisition.


Q2: Where is IXYS Corporation located?

A: Milpitas, California, in the US, serves as the headquarters of IXYS.


Q3: What is IXYS Corporation’s tech stack?

A: IXYS Corporation utilizes the following technologies: FreeBSD, Microsoft Access, Adobe DreamWeaver, and Adobe Photoshop.


Q4: Where to order IXYS Corporation discrete MOSFETs online?

A: BD Electronics offers a huge selection of discrete MOSFETs. You only need to visit the BD Electronics website and explore the product category section to find the necessary components.

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