Japan Aviation Electronics

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry is a famous top 10 global interconnect supplier. This Japanese electronic producer is renowned for being a technology leader in various electronic components.

Japan Aviation Electronics Products Categories

The wide range of main products include:

  • Fine pitch board to board.
  • Board to cable (including LVDS products).
  • FPC (board-to-flex).
  • Memory card.
  • Input/output.
  • Circular, automotive/transportation.
  • Waterproof-rated connectors.

JAE electronics has operated with the corporate philosophy “Explore, Create, and Usage” since its establishment in 1953.

The manufacturer has successfully developed and globally expanded our three core business areas: connectors, user interface-related devices, and aviation electronics, supported by our outstanding development capability in innovative and creative technologies.

During the process, JAE has cultivated and achieved highly appreciated technological expertise. Customers can find a various selection of top-quality connectors.

They are a recognized leader in providing solutions to complex design requirements. By combining divergent technologies from experience gained in the aerospace and automotive industries, JAE has transferred these technologies into advanced connector designs with the most demanding applications in the industry.

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