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Johanson Technology provides High-Frequency Ceramic Solutions for cellular, WLAN, Bluetooth, RF/Microwave, Millimeter-Wave, and Fiber Optic applications, as well as custom high-frequency ceramic solutions. Johanson Technology produces a wide range of electronics, including LTCC based Chip Antennas, Baluns, Balanced Filters, Band Pass Filters, Low Pass Filters, Couplers, Multi, and Single Layer Capacitors, RF Inductors, Diplexers, and other components.

Johanson Technology was previously the Special Products Group of Johanson Dielectrics. In 1993, it separately performed to consistently focus its high-frequency expertise to meet customer needs for specialized and custom ceramic capacitors, to invest in research and development of components for the wireless market sector.

Johanson is a Specialist in application-specific ceramic capacitor solutions, low inductance, high voltage, planar capacitor arrays, high temperature, and custom configurations. Johanson Dielectrics is a world-class business partner for its top-quality and comprehensive range of products, low lead times, a strong network of manufacturing facilities, and sales representatives.


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