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About JRC Corporation

About JRC Corporation


JRC is utilizing its expertise, know-how, and experience acquired over many years in various information technology disciplines to the fullest extent possible, enhancing global safety and security. In addition, JRC is developing new realms of communication from people to people and to surroundings based on the core technologies it has evolved since its establishment. It utilizes its two business areas, Marine Systems, and Solutions.


Currently, the JRC Group is strategically extending the broad range of wireless technology applications to support data sensing and information transmission via the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, it aims to add value to its acquired data by utilizing cutting-edge IT.


JRC Corporation Products & Technologies


The high-end products available from JRC Corporation include MLATs, motion devices, and driving simulators.


The company offers products in the following categories;


Driving Simulator

  • Simulator
  • Steering Reaction Force Generator
  • Software METER STUDIO
  • Software ROAD STUDIO

Motion Device

  • Simulator
  • Motion System


  • Multilateration system(MLAT)

Marine Systems

  • Ships DX
  • Maintenance


JRC Corporation Product Applications

JRC Corporation products provide customers with numerous uses in several application areas, including:


  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Health care
  • Environmental and energy solutions
  • Social infrastructure
  • Mobility society
  • Automotive


JRC Corporation Distributors

Products from JRC Corporation, such as MLATs, motion devices, and driving simulators, are sold by distributors all around the world. The most competitive pricing is additionally offered for the high-performance JRC Corporation products by BD Electronics, a distributor for JRC Corporation.


With a focus on locating hard-to-find parts, BD Electronics is a global distributor of outdated electrical components. You can submit a part request to find electronic components, and we’ll let you specify the price range.


FAQ About JRC Corporation

Q1: Why are simulators used?

A: They can make decisions and progress towards an ideal process based on an objective function, such as a profitability criterion, thanks to the capacity to simulate various process configurations and alter design parameters. However, students frequently abuse process simulators.


Q2: What are simulators used for?

A: Any tool, software program, or system that simulates actions is referred to as a simulator. A model (see model kinds) can be implemented over time via a simulation.


Q3: Why do companies use simulators?

A: A valuable corporate learning and development tool is a business simulation. Business simulations give your team the tools they need to align on strategy, advance their financial and business acumen, and ultimately boost your bottom line.


Q4: Where to order JRC Corporation simulators online?

A: JRC Corporation simulators are offered by BD Electronics in various configurations. You can find the components you’re searching for by going to the BD Electronics website and searching the product category area.

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