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 Kester Solder is one of the leading manufacturers of solders and related materials for the electronics manufacturing industry. Kester Inc. manufactures and supplies assembly materials to electronic assembly, semiconductor, and automotive industries in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company offers traditional soldering chemicals, paste, wires, advanced materials for semiconductor packaging, and bars. Additionally, it provides liquid solder flux, tacky solder flux, preforms, washers, pellets, and flux-cored wires. 


Commonly, we use solder in electronics, heating, air conditioning, mechanical, fire sprinkler and other similar systems, and radiator manufacturing, repair, and sheet metal work. Another application is in jewelry and stained glass work. Solder, to hold metal pieces together, must be strong enough. It should also be resistant to oxidization and other possible corrosions. It requires that solder has a low melting point to be melted with a soldering gun or torch. It also allows sufficient malleability for maximum effectiveness. Because of this, the most widely used wire solder offering the above attributes is lead and tin alloy.

Solder is commonly void of the lead metal in assembly and repair of plumbing applications, as North American regulations call for lead-free solders. Lead-Free Silver Solder meets NSF Standards, which establishes minimum requirements for controlling potential adverse health effects from products that contact drinking water. Professional plumbers demand Canada Metal lead-free solder.


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