Keystone Electronics Corp.

Keystone Electronics has been a reputable manufacturer of precision electronic interconnect components and hardware. The company has provided high-quality products at competitive prices to the industry worldwide for more than 70 years.

Keystone Electronics Corp. is a world-class manufacturer of precision electronic interconnect components, hardware, and precision stampings, whether in metallic or non-metallic materials for all industries. Keystone Electronics manufactures a wide range of electronic parts and hardware while supplying high-quality products to various industries. 

Keystone Electronics has obtained the Quality System ISO 9001, certified by DNV Certification, Inc. under the RAB and RvA accreditations. Their quality assurance program follows these requirements and applies to all standard and custom interconnect components and hardware.



Keystone’s Products:


  • Battery clips, contacts, and holders 
  • fuse clips and holders; 
  • terminals & terminal boards; 
  • spacers & standoffs; 
  • panel and computer, multipurpose hardware; 
  • computer brackets; 
  • plugs, pins, jacks, and sockets; 
  • eyelets; rivets; grommets; bumpers & bushings; 
  • LED lens caps & holders





With a wide variety of components produced, Keystone can provide electronic manufacturing customers with all parts of their needs. The applications of Keystone components cover many fields, including lighting, automotive, medical, and military

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