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Leader Tech Inc is a manufacturing company that specializes in shielding products who not only serves the general public, but also the military. With locations across the globe, one would not have to look far to see the impact of this company on our world. Consistently innovating and striving for reliability, you can feel confident purchasing products from Leader Tech Inc. 


Leader Tech Inc. Products & Technologies

The products that Leader Tech Inc. creates are created with expertise and efficiency. They include:

  • Circuit Board Shielding
  • Enclosure Shielding
  • Ferrite Cable Shielding
  • Thermal Solutions
  • Microwave Absorbers

Leader Tech Inc. Product Applications

  • Mobile and Wearables
  • Cloud-Big Data
  • Industrial
  • Consumer
  • Datacom Infrastructure
  • Automotive


Leader Tech Inc. Distributors

Authorized LeaderTech distributors sell the company’s cutting-edge products all throughout the world. BD Electronics also offers the most competitive pricing on premium LeaderTech components.


With a focus on locating difficult-to-find parts, BD Electronics is a global provider of electrical components. You can submit part requests for us to locate electronic components and choose a price range in the process.


FAQ About Leader Tech Inc. 


Q1: Where to order Leader Tech Inc. online?

A: You can find many Leader Tech Inc products on BD Electronics just submit us your component needs our team will take it from there.


Q4: Where can I find different electronic parts?


A: BD Electronics offers a variety of obsolete electrical parts. Our product category page has alternative electrical parts. Please submit a component request to our experts if you require different electrical parts.

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