About LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy)


Established in 1964, LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) is a leader in manufacturing oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers, and measurement solutions, allowing businesses to produce electronic devices faster and more effectively across multiple markets.


LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) further offers tools that designers and engineers use to measure and analyze complex electronic signals, developing high-performance systems that increase productivity and efficiency.


LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) Products & Technologies


LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) develops products that aim to help its users increase productivity in the workplace, while also meeting the demands of the growing communications market.


The company offers products in the following categories: 

  • Oscilloscopes
  • Protocol Solutions
  • Testing and Training Services
  • SSD Device Testing
  • Electronic Test Equipment
  • Sensors and Calibrators
  • Modular Data Acquisition


LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) Product Applications


LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) products provide a wide range of applications across an array of industries:

  • Memory
  • Mil/Aero/Avionics
  • Peripherals
  • Video
  • Wireless
  • Motors and Drives
  • Networks
  • PCI Express
  • Encoding Schemes
  • Automotive
  • Embedded
  • Storage
  • MIPI
  • Power Integrity
  • Power Management


LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) Distributors


Authorized LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) distributors provide products such as the Oscilloscope Probes, Power Supplies, Logic Analyzers, and other cutting-edge items worldwide. Additionally, B.D. Electronics offers the greatest prices on high-performance LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) components.


B.D. Electronics is a worldwide distributor of obsolete electrical components focusing on locating difficult-to-find parts. You can submit your part requests for sourcing electronic components, and we’ll let you choose the pricing range.


FAQ About LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy)


Q1: What does Teledyne LeCroy do?

A: LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) provides oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers, and related test and measurement solutions.


Q2: Where are Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes made?

A: LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) headquarters is where oscilloscopes, signal analysis systems, modular digitizers, and digitizing components are made and produced.


Q3: When did Teledyne buy LeCroy?

A: Teledyne bought LeCroy on August 3, 2012, for $14.30 per share, payable in cash.


Q4: Where to order LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) Oscilloscopes online?

A: You can order LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) products on the BD Electronics website. You only need to send in your part requirements and the amount you need, which will shortly be catered to you by our team.


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