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About Lemo Connectors

LEMO Connectors is a prestigious manufacturing company with a core motivation for creating innovations for their industries. They feel that efficiency and passion help them excel in their work line. LEMO has also had many years of experience that have allowed them to create a safe space for innovation and problem-solving skills to thrive. 

LEMO Connectors Products & Technologies

LEMO Connectors has become a leading manufacturer with its impressive amount of products, including:

  • New Connectors
  • Low Voltage Connector
  • Plastic Connector
  • Miniature Connector
  • Harsh Environment Connector
  • Coaxial/Triaxial 
  • Hybrid Electrical
  • High-Pressure Connector
  • High Voltage Connector
  • Media Converter
  • DIN and CECC Standard
  • Cable Assemblies

LEMO Connectors Product Applications

Applications for these products are also many. Again, it speaks volumes as to how versatile this company creates its products.

  • Medical Connector
  • Test and Measurement
  • Research Connector
  • Communications Connector
  • Broadcast and audio/Video
  • Machines Connector
  • Defense and Military
  • Robotic Connector
  • Aerospace and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Industrial Control
  • Information Systems
  • Nuclear Connector
  • Public Sector Connector
  • Motorsport Connector 

LEMO Connectors Distributors

You can find all of the LEMO Connectors products on the BD Electronics site. Every part is easy to find and contains all the information about each product. So what are you looking for? Please send a request to BD Electronics, where we will gladly help. 

FAQ About LEMO Connectors

Q1: What is a LEMO-type connector?

A: LEMO is an electronic and fiber optic connector manufacturer. Lemo is based in Écublens, Switzerland. Lemo connectors are used in various industries. 


Q2: Are Lemo connectors waterproof?

A: All models of this series are waterproof and watertight when mated and correctly assembled to an appropriate cable to match the protection index of IP68 as per IEC 60529 standard (IP66 in unmated condition).


Q3: How do I identify my LEMO connectors?

A: LEMO plugs have the model, size, and series marked on the shell’s circumference. Example: FGG. 1B. Note: the 3rd letter is the Key style.


Q4: Where to order LEMO Connectors products online?

A: You can find many LEMO Connectors products from BD Electronics and professional help with any questions you may have.

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