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About Lite-On

Lite-On was started in 1975 by several Taiwanese Texas Instruments ex-employees. The original line of business was optical products (LEDs). They then branched into computer power supplies by starting the Power Conversion Division. Other divisions were soon to follow.


In 1983 Lite-On Electronics issued an initial public offering as the first technology company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange with Stock Code 2301. In 2003 Lite-ON appointed Dragon Group as their sole distributor in Indonesia. In 2006 Lite-On IT Corporation acquired BenQ Corporation’s Optical Disk Drive Business to become one of the top 3 ODD manufacturers in the world. In March 2007, Lite-On IT Corporation formed a joint venture with Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. for their optical disc drive division as Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions Corporation (PLDS).


Lite-On Products & Technologies


  • LEDs
  • Semiconductors
  • Computer chassis
  • Monitors
  • Motherboards
  • Optical disc drives


Lite-On Product Applications



  • Optoelectronics Product Solutions
  • Image and Video Solutions


Information & Communication Technologies

  • Power Module Solutions
  • Magnetic Components Solutions
  • Cloud Infrastructure Power Solutions
  • Human Input Solutions
  • Enclosure
  • Image Technical Solutions
  • System Solutions
  • Optical Disc Storage


IoT & Smart Life Applications

  • Wired Access Network
  • Wireless Access Network
  • Radio Access Network
  • Connected Video Intelligence Solutions
  • Intelligent Communication Modules
  • Leotek Outdoor Lighting Solutions
  • Smart Connecting Solutions
  • 5G Total Solution


Automotive Electronics

  • Automotive Vision Solutions
  • Vehicle Lighting Solution
  • Vehicle Control & Applications
  • EV Charging Solutions
  • Electric Vehicle Power Solutions


Lite-On Distributors


Lite-On products such as optoelectronics and isolators are available worldwide at any Lite-On distributor. BD Electronics is one such distributor and is a group dedicated to bringing quality Lite-On products and services to clients in any part of the globe.

FAQ About Lite-On

Q1: What is Lite-On company in Taiwan?

A: Lite-On (also known as LiteOn and LiteON) is a Taiwanese company that primarily manufactures consumer electronics, including LEDs, semiconductors, computer chassis, monitors, motherboards, optical disc drives, and other electronic components.


Q2: Does Lite-On make Apple chargers?

A: Apple Genuine chargers are made by significant power supply suppliers LiteOn and Delta, which produce the majority of notebook chargers.


Q3: Is it possible to purchase Lite-On products online?

A: Yes, it is possible, and with the help of BD Electronics, a group that specializes in locating and delivering the highest quality products in the market, consumers are assured of purchasing only the highest quality tech equipment and components.

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