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About Lumex, Inc

For more than 40 years, Lumex, an ITW member, has led the world in optoelectronics. Thousands of essential goods are offered by Lumex, Inc., which specializes in semi-custom and custom designs.

Lumex, Inc Product and Technologies

Lumex, Inc offers a wide range of products ranging from the following category:

  • Switches
  • LCD/LE
  • Customize solutions

Lumex, Inc Product Applications

  • Optoelectronics industry
  • Appliances
  • Machinery
  • Industrial applications

Lumex,Inc Distributor

The Technical Design Specialists at Lumex are masters at solving complex design problems in a team environment. Due to the exceptional quality of complimentary technical support offered to big and small customers, Lumex stands out from the competition in the industry. Lumex works closely with clients for each unique application need to choose the optimal standard or bespoke technology.

Lumex, Inc is a global leader in designing and manufacturing optoelectronic products. Lumex, Inc relies on authorized distributors such as BD Electronics to get consumers their parts at the best prices possible.

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FAQ About Lumex, Inc

Q1: What are the benefits of Lumex, Inc’s customized solutions?

A: Reducing labor costs, focusing on application needs, and speeding up time to market are some benefits of Lumex, Inc’s customized solutions.


Q2: What are some examples of a plug-and-play solution offered by Lumex, Inc?

A: Some examples include customized colors, wavelengths of LED indicators, and unique request colors for LCDs.


Q3: How many types of switches does Lumex, Inc have?

A: 5 types of switches; pushbutton switches, touch switches, micro switches, rocker switches, and customized switch


Q4: Where to order Lumex, Inc products online?

A: Buy Lumex, inc products by getting in touch with BD Electronics, an authorized distributor of EAO. You can order Lumex, Inc products in bulk on the BD Electronics website. Just send in your parts requirements and quantity — our team will take it from there.


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