About MaxBotix Inc.


Established in 2004, MaxBotix Inc. is a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic sensors. It offers practical and convenient ultrasonic rangefinders that are designed into various solutions and provide stable range readings.


It further offers over 70 affordable, high-quality ultrasonic sensors across 13 different product lines, handling challenging and complicated liquid and measurement environments.


MaxBotix Inc. prioritizes designing application-specific solutions, collaborating with its customers in order to design and manufacture the best products that meet their objectives.


MaxBotix Inc. Products & Technologies


MaxBotix products provide reliable solutions and efficient customer service to its clients. 


All MaxBotix products are further ISO 9001:2015 Certified, proving its dedication to the best procedures and processes in order to ensure worker safety and environmental sustainability.


The company offers products in the following categories: 

  • MB7850 XL-TankSensor-WRMA for IoT
  • LV-MaxSonar®-EZ™ Series Sonar Range Finders


MaxBotix Inc. Product Applications


MaxBotix Inc. products provide a wide range of applications across an array of industries:

  • Vehicle Detection
  • Tank Applications
  • Snow Depth Measurement Applications
  • Kiosk Applications
  • Robotic Applications
  • UAV Applications
  • Vehicle Profiling Applications
  • People Detection Applications
  • Parking Garage Applications
  • Bin Level Measurement Applications
  • Trash Level Measurement Applications


MaxBotix Inc. Distributors


Authorized MaxBotix Inc. distributors provide products such as HR-MaxTemp, namely an external temperature sensor, among other innovative and high-quality designs.


Additionally, one of its essential distributors is BD Electronics, a worldwide distributor of obsolete electrical components focusing on locating difficult-to-find parts. You can submit your part requests for sourcing electronic components, and we’ll let you choose the pricing range.


FAQ About MaxBotix Inc.


Q1: What type of targets do MaxBotix Ultrasonic Sensors detect?

A: MaxBotix Ultrasonic Sensors detect solids, powders, and liquids. They are used to detect surfaces, whether wet, dry, dirty, clean, rough, or smooth.


Q2: MaxBotix sensors are expensive compared to other solutions. Why is that?

A: MaxBotix sensors are priced higher than others due to their high quality. They are designed and tested for an MTBF of at least 200,000 hours, ensuring reliability and robustness.


Q3: Are MaxBotix Sensors Waterproof?

A: MaxBotix has yet to market its sensors as waterproof. However, their WR sensors are IP67 rated, meaning that they are rated as ‘dust tight’ and protected against immersion of up to 30 minutes at depths ranging from 150 mm to 1000 mm.


Q4: Where to order MaxBotix Inc. Sensors online?

A: You can order MaxBotix Inc. products on the BD Electronics website. You only need to send in your part requirements and the amount you need, which will shortly be catered to you by our team.


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