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For more than 25 years, Mechatronics Fan Group has been providing thermal management solutions for various applications. It is a company with its headquarters close to Seattle, Washington, that produces thermal solutions and brushless cooling fans. The product line for Mechatronics consists of AC and DC axial fans, AC and DC blowers, AC motorized impellers, and value-added components. In addition to their primary products, they provide customized solutions to each customer’s unique needs, from minor adjustments to customized products.

Mechatronics delivers highly developed products, unmatched quality, aggressive pricing, and first-rate service from its subsidiaries in China, Taiwan, and Indonesia.


Mechatronics Products & Technologies

Mechatronics offers high-quality products such as AC Fans, DC fans, and accessories in a wide range to their customers.

The company offers products in the following categories;


  • Axial
  • EC / AC Low Power
  • ATEX Rated Fans
  • Motorized Impellers
  • Blowers
  • Cross Flow


  • Axial
  • Blowers
  • High Airflow Fans
  • Motorized Impellers
  • Cross Flow

Replacement Fans

Environmental Fans


Value Add

  • AC/EC Fan Trays

Mixed Flow Duct Fans

Part Numbering

Part Number Cross Reference


Mechatronics Product Applications

Mechatronics offers a wide range of applications across several industries:

  • Telecommunication / Networking
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Appliance

Mechatronics Distributors

An authorized distributor can be used to purchase Mechatronics’ products, including mixed flow duct fans, AC fans, DC fans, environmental fans, and their accessories. Customers can buy Mechatronics goods at the lowest cost from BD Electronics, a  distributor of the company’s goods.

In its capacity as a distributor of out-of-date electronic parts, BD Electronics concentrates on identifying hard-to-find components and selling them to clients worldwide. After receiving your part requests for electronic components sourcing, we’ll provide you the option to select the target pricing.


FAQ About Mechatronics

Q1: What is the AC fan?

A: The indoor air handler of an AC unit is connected to the fan. The fan will send your home’s heated air to the condenser. The recirculated air will return to the air handler, where it will be transformed into cool air and distributed via your duct and vent system throughout your home.


Q2: What is AC vs. DC fan?

A: A set potential, such as the battery voltage, is used to power DC fans. 5V, 12V, 24V, and 48V are typical voltage ranges for DC fans. On the other hand, AC fans use a varying voltage that alternates between positive and negative values of the same magnitude.


Q3:Should an AC fan be on auto or on?

A: The fan comes on only when cooling or heating is required. You should choose the AUTO setting if you are typically equally at ease in one room of your house as the next. When necessary, the AC fan turns on and off when the task is complete.


Q4: Where to order Mechatronics AC fans online?

A: At BD Electronics, a range of AC fans are available. All you have to do to locate the components you need is visit the BD Electronics website and browse the product category area.

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