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Micro Commercial Components Corporation (MCC), a manufacturer of high-quality discrete semiconductor components with operations in Asia and headquarters in Simi Valley, California, was established in 1991.

MCC is a vertically integrated business with its wafer fabrication facility and can produce entire encapsulations. Their product line is specifically promoted to offer affordable prices with best-in-class quality, reduce production lead times, and fulfill delivery deadlines. They provide a full spectrum of diodes, transistors, IGBTs, MOSFETs, voltage regulators/references, and protective devices in their broad portfolio, which comprises six basic discrete semiconductor types (TVs, ESD).

With a comprehensive broad discrete semiconductor technology roadmap and a daily expanding automotive portfolio, MCC offers a wide range of packages for the most prevalent needs of the market as well as entry into emerging and expanding industries throughout the world.

Micro Commercial Components Products & Technologies


Micro Commercial Components serves premium discrete semiconductors, such as diodes, rectifiers, MOSFETs, voltage regulators, and protection equipment, to the consumer and industrial industries.


The company offers products in the following categories:



  • Zener Diodes
  • Pin Diodes
  • Switching Diodes
  • Small Signal Schottky Diodes
  • Bridge Rectifiers
  • Standard Recovery Rectifiers
  • Fast Recovery Rectifiers
  • Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers
  • Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
  • RF Switching Diode



  • Small Signal MOSFETs
  • Power MOSFETs



  • Small Signal Bipolar Transistors
  • Medium Power Bipolar Transistors
  • Pre-biased Transistors
  • RF Bipolar Transistors


Voltage Regulators

ESD Protection and Power TVS

  • TVS
  • ESD Protection
  • Polymer ESD Suppressor





  • IGBT Discrete
  • IGBT Modules


Power Modules

  • Standard Recovery Power Modules
  • Thyristor Modules
  • Fast Recovery Modules
  • Schottky Modules
  • Phase Control Thyristor
  • Welding Diode


Micro Commercial Components Product Applications

MCC provides a wide range of ready-to-use design solutions across several industries, including automotive, industrial, computing & personal electronics, and consumer.



  • Front LED Lights
  • LED backlights (touch screen, cameras)


Computing & Personal Electronics

  • Solid State Drive (SSD)



  • AC-DC Power Supply Unit



  • Smoke Detector


Micro Commercial Components Distributors

Products from Micro Commercial Components, including diodes, MOSFETs, transistors, and power modules, can be purchased from authorized distributors worldwide. BD Electronics, an authorized distributor, is committed to providing customers worldwide with high-quality Micro Commercial Components, goods, and services with the best offers.


BD Electronics is a global supplier of hard-to-find components. When looking for electronic components, you can submit your part requests and specify the price range.


FAQ About Micro Commercial Components


Q1: What is the Micro Commercial Components industry?

A: Micro Commercial Components works in the Manufacturing and Electronics industries.


Q2: Where is Micro Commercial Components’ headquarters?

A: The headquarters of Micro Commercial Components are located at 130 W Cochran St Unit B, Simi Valley, California, 93065, USA.


Q3: What is Micro Commercial Components’ tech stack?

A: Micro Commercial Components use the following technologies: ASP.NET, Microsoft IIS, GoDaddy SSL Certificates, and easyDNS.


Q4: Where to order Micro Commercial Components’ diodes online?

A: BD Electronics offers numerous varieties of electronic components for your part requirements. Visit the BD Electronics website and read the product category section to find the necessary components.


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