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About Netsol Technologies

Netsol is a leading provider of high-speed memory technology and innovative and affordable solutions. NETSOL Technologies Ltd. has been delivering some of the best SRAMs for various applications for 40 years and has clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.


Netsol is the hub for semiconductor memory designs in South Korea. Netsol has crafted ISO 9001:2008 certified SRAMs to cater to different industries and sectors. With a team of 1700 professionals working worldwide, Netsol is growing strategically. Najeeb Ghauri, Salim Ghauri, and Naeem Ghauri are the three founders of Netsol, working in different parts of the world.


Netsol Products & Technologies


  • Async Fast SRAM
  • Low Power SRAM
  • Sync SRAM
  • Quadruple/DDR SRAM
  • SLC NAND Flash


Netsol Product Applications

Netsol’s products can be implemented in multiple applications, such as


  • Industries
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Communications
  • Memory


Netsol Distributors


Netsol is the epitome of cost-effective, low-latency, high-speed memory designs. Recently, Netsol partnered with BD Electronics, an official distributor of SRAMs in Europe. By partnering with Netsol, BD Electronics has become a premium supplier of memory products to ship Netsol products globally.

BD Electronics believes it should be easy to order Netsol SRAMs. Hence, the official Netsol distributor utilizes its stable supply chain to ship Netsol products in and around Europe quickly.


FAQ About Netsol


Q1: What do you know about NetSol?


A: Netsol is a leading manufacturer of Low Power SRAM, Async Fast SRAM, Sync SRAM, Quadruple/DDR SRAM, and SLC NAND Flash memory components.


Q2: When was Netsol founded?


A: Netsol was found in 2010.


Q3: Who is the owner of Netsol?

A: Najeeb Ghauri is the founder and CEO of Netsol.


Q4: Is it possible to purchase Netsol products online?

A: Yes, BD Electronics, an official distributor of Netsol, has made it possible to buy Netsol products. Getting quality and original products is one of the advantages of ordering Netsol products from BD Electronics.

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