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About Newhaven Display

Newhaven Display International designs and manufactures top-tier display solutions. They offer a wide range of display products, including LCD displays, OLED displays, TFT displays, graphic displays, character displays, and touchscreens.

Newhaven Display’s products are used in various industries, such as industrial automation, medical devices, consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, and more. Their displays come in different sizes, resolutions, and interface options to suit various application requirements.

In addition to standard off-the-shelf displays, Newhaven Display also provides customization services to meet specific customer needs. They can assist with custom designs, modifications, and value-added services such as optical bonding, cover glass treatments, and interface integration.

Newhaven Display is known for its commitment to quality, reliability, and customer support. They strive to deliver innovative and reliable display solutions to their customers and have built a reputation for their expertise in the industry.


Newhaven Display Products

Newhaven Display Products

Newhaven Display products provide reliable, innovative solutions for various industries and applications. With their commitment to excellence, Newhaven Display continues to push the boundaries of display technology, delivering exceptional products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Their wide range of products include:


Newhaven Display TFT Displays

Newhaven Display TFT DisplaysNewhaven Display offers diverse TFT displays that provide vibrant and high-resolution visuals. In addition, Newhaven Display products deliver exceptional image quality and color reproduction with advanced technologies and precise engineering. As a result, Newhaven Display TFT displays offer versatility and performance, whether for industrial applications, consumer electronics, or medical devices.


Newhaven Display LCD Displays

Newhaven Display LCD DisplaysNewhaven Display’s LCD displays are known for their reliability and clarity. These displays provide clear and easy-to-read information, making them suitable for various applications such as instrumentation, control panels, and handheld devices. With Newhaven Display LCD displays, you can expect consistent performance and robust construction for long-lasting usability.


Newhaven Display OLED Displays

Newhaven Display OLED DisplaysNewhaven Display’s OLED displays offer brilliant, high-contrast visuals with excellent viewing angles. These displays deliver vibrant colors and deep blacks, enhancing the visual experience across applications like wearables, automotive displays, and portable devices. In addition, with their energy-efficient nature, Newhaven Display OLED displays contribute to extended battery life.


Newhaven Display VFD Displays

Newhaven Display VFD Displays

Newhaven Display’s VFD displays (Vacuum Fluorescent Displays) provide a reliable and versatile solution for applications requiring clear and high-visibility displays. With their inherent durability and long lifespan, Newhaven Display VFD displays are suitable for industrial equipment, audio systems, and any application where readability is essential, even in challenging environments.


Newhaven Display Tools and Accessories

Newhaven Display Tools and AccessoriesNewhaven Display offers a comprehensive range of tools and accessories to facilitate the seamless integration of their display products. These accessories, from touch panels and development boards to cables and connectors, ensure compatibility and ease of use. In addition, Newhaven Display’s tools and accessories simplify the design and implementation process, saving time and effort.


Newhaven Display Custom Displays

Newhaven Display Custom DisplaysNewhaven Display understands that some applications demand custom display solutions. With their expertise in design and manufacturing, Newhaven Display provides custom display options tailored to specific requirements. Whether it’s a unique size, shape, interface, or feature set, Newhaven Display’s custom displays offer the flexibility to meet diverse application needs.


Newhaven Display Product Applications

Newhaven Display Product Applications

Newhaven Display boasts a diverse portfolio of products with myriad applications across countless industries:

  • Medical
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Handheld
  • Audio/video
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Appliance
  • Security
  • Casino
  • Military
  • Energy
  • POS
  • Test and Measurement
  • Telecom


We Are Distributor of Newhaven Display Products

Newhaven Display, a leading provider of digital display solutions, has a global presence in the market. Newhaven Display relies on a network of trusted distributors to ensure easy access to their high-quality products. One such Newhaven Display distributor is BD Electronics, a renowned company specializing in distributing obsolete electrical components and various parts.

As a worldwide Newhaven Display distributor, BD Electronics has established strong partnerships with top manufacturers in the industry, including Newhaven Display. This collaboration allows BD Electronics to offer customers competitive prices and a reliable supply of Newhaven Display products. Whether you need TFT displays, LCD displays, OLED displays, or custom displays, BD Electronics can assist you in sourcing these products at the best prices available.

By leveraging its extensive network and industry expertise, BD Electronics ensures customers can easily access Newhaven Display products, regardless of their location. In addition, their global reach enables them to serve customers in different regions, making the procurement process efficient and cost-effective.

If you’re looking for Newhaven Display products, BD Electronics is a dependable supplier that can offer expert advice. In addition, they provide excellent customer service, offering technical support, product recommendations, and efficient order processing.

Partnering with BD Electronics grants you access to Newhaven Display’s exceptional display solutions and guarantees competitive pricing, reliable delivery, and a smooth purchasing experience. BD Electronics is committed to meeting your needs and ensuring your satisfaction with Newhaven Display products. Click below to buy Newhaven Display electronic components!



Q: What does Newhaven Display specialize in?

A: Newhaven Display specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of high-quality display solutions, including TFT displays, LCD displays, OLED displays, VFD displays, and more.

Q: What industries does Newhaven Display cater to?

A: Newhaven Display caters to various industries, including industrial automation, medical devices, consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, and many others.

Q: Does Newhaven Display offer customization options?

A: Yes, Newhaven Display provides customization services to meet specific customer requirements. They can assist with custom designs, modifications, and value-added services like optical bonding and interface integration.

Q: Where can I purchase Newhaven Display products?

A: Newhaven Display products can be purchased through reliable distributors, such as BD Electronics and other trusted partners. These distributors ensure easy access to their products and often offer competitive pricing.

Q: What kind of support does Newhaven Display provide?

A: Newhaven Display offers excellent customer support, including technical assistance, product recommendations, and efficient order processing. They are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction throughout purchasing and implementation.

Q: Are Newhaven Display products known for their quality and reliability?

A: Yes, Newhaven Display is highly regarded for its commitment to quality and reliability. Their products undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards and deliver long-lasting performance.

Q: Can I find both standard and custom display solutions from Newhaven Display?

A: Absolutely. Newhaven Display offers a range of standard off-the-shelf display products to suit various applications. Additionally, they provide custom display solutions, allowing customers to tailor displays according to their unique specifications.

Q: What are some applications where Newhaven Display products are commonly used?

A: Newhaven Display products are commonly used in applications such as industrial equipment and machinery, medical devices and instruments, handheld devices, consumer electronics, automotive displays, and more.

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