Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company was the first name of 3M and is founded in 1902 in Northern Minnesota. It started as a small-scale mining venture with the primary goal of mining corundum, later discovered as a poor-quality mineral. However, this did not discourage the company; instead, it flourished its spirit of scientific innovation and collaboration, the foundation of its success today. In addition, it is ranked as 96th of the Fortune 500, an annual list of the largest industrial corporations in the United States. 

Through scientific, technical, and marketing efforts over the years, 3M can produce innovative pieces that address different concerns of specific industries. Its founders persevered despite the repetitive cycle of trying and failing. At present, it is known for a variety of products that improve people’s lives and are made available through its worldwide distributors. 3M’s innovative spirit developed around 100,000 patented products. Some are listed as follows: abrasives, power cable connectors, coax sealing kit, electronics components, lab supplies & testing, compounds & polishes, and a lot more! 

The company continued to grow by introducing other brands to address the market’s needs better. Scotch-Brite, Post-it, Scotch, Nexcare, and Command are just some of its well-known and established brand names today. Its primary background in the chemical industry significantly contributes to other sectors, even in electronics. As scientific innovation is already a part of the company, it promises to continue building for something that will constantly power the world tomorrow and in the future. 

3M has corporate, and sales operations spread in over 200 countries. Its products are widely used in homes and establishments, such as schools, hospitals, and businesses. This is why it continues to provide to the global market by extending its products and services through authorized distributors.


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