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ADSANTEC is a privately held, high-speed mixed signal Integrated Circuit design house based in Torrance, CA, USA. The company has successfully been in business for almost 20 years, its focus has always been on building a brand that will be customer-driven, distributing high-quality products, and providing the best solutions for its partners.

The company specializes in providing cutting-edge custom-built ASICs for the test and measurement, telecommunication, and computing markets. The company’s expert team made it possible to enrich the product assortment, thus offering more than 200 products to its partners.

ADSANTEC’s product offering includes data distributors, programmable delays, demultiplexers, multiplexers, and more. Below you can find the list of product categories from ADSANTEC:

  • Serialisers/Deserialisers;
  • Variable Delay Lines;
  • Amplifiers;
  • High-Speed Logic;
  • Clock Processors;
  • ADCs & SHAs;
  • Board Level Products;
  • Package Types.

ADSANTEC is proud of its achievements of being a leader in the industry for the following products:

  • Variable Delay Lines (phase shifters), 
  • High-Speed Seerialziers/Deserializers (Mux/Demux).


By supporting its core competencies in advanced mixed-signal integrated circuit design utilizing nanometer CMOS and BiCMOS SiGe technologies in combination with custom ultra-high-speed surface-mount packaging techniques, ADSANTEC can generate a broad range of cost-effective solutions for its customers.

Besides other achievements, ADSANTEC has been awarded 25 SBIR contracts and developed over 200 Chips, Boards, and Instruments. In addition, the company has over fifty US and international patents.

The growing line of ADSANTEC systems shows a future where no lab would complete without at least a few ADSANTEC systems on every benchtop.

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