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Isocom Components is a well-respected manufacturer of infrared optoelectronic devices. It specializes in optocouplers and Opto switches. Isocom has been established for over 25 years and has consistently delivered more than their customer’s expectations. The company has become the most influential brand in the world regarding the optoelectronic industry. Expert knowledge and flexible manufacturing processes of Isocom result in the shortest production lead times in the world for many parts. Product quality and superior customer service are unrivaled and endorsed by many long-standing customers.

The company produces industrial and commercial optocouplers/isolators, Opto-switches/sensors, and discrete infrared Optoelectronic components. The production plant for ISOCOM Components Ltd. is based in the North of England. Applications include The International Space Station, Galileo, and Glonass. BAE Systems and ESA have tested optocouplers manufactured by ISOCOM Limited. Customers include BAE Systems, CERN, EADS, Galileo Avionica, General Dynamics, Indra, MBDA, NASA, Norsat, Raytheon, Technobit, Teledyne, and Tesat. ISOCOM Limited optoelectronic components include detectors, emitters, sensors, hybrid circuits, and optical switching products manufactured to radiation-hard specifications.

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