JST was founded in 1957, opening its first factory in Kurayoshi, Japan. It is headquartered in Osaka, extending its presence not just through its official distributors but to 17 countries with 21 bases in the United States & 49 overseas. 

JST is a leader in its industry by creating small and powerful cutting-edge electrical connectors. It can produce components as small as 0.05mm in width made out of highly durable cemented carbide. Its connectors range from Wire-to-Board (Crimp Style & IDC), Board-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire, I/O, FFC/FPC, and more! It also offers terminals/splices which are solderless and DIN-type. 

In addition to JST’s product varieties are the following specific features of its connectors: 

  • Low-Profile
  • Depth Space Saving
  • High-Speed Transmission
  • High Electric Current Capacity
  • Waterproof
  • with Secure Locking Device
  • with an Intertia Lock Mechanism
  • for LED lamp

JST is structured with different market divisions to efficiently understand its global customer base. It is very particular on how it produces its cutting-edge electrical connectors by having expert engineers alongside every process. The company always considers facilities that have first-class production systems and manufacturing technologies. All of its components are then evaluated and tested using the following forefront devices:

    • Environmental Test Chambers – An assessment under different levels of temperature humidity, pressure, and exposure to corrosive gasses. 
    • X-Ray Fluorescence – An equipment to test environmentally hazardous substances.
  • Electron Microscopes
  • High Water Pressure & Salt Spray Machine
  • Tensile Strength Measuring Machines
  • Electrical Voltage Testers and more!

As the company promises to connect a new dream, “To the Future, To the Earth, and To People,” its technological innovations are the fundamentals of this never-ending preparation. JST’s cutting-edge electrical connectors and other prominent products are available through its official distributors worldwide.


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