NKK Switches

NKK Switches is an electronic company that designs and manufactures the most extensive selection of switches. It has already set the standard for reliable and quality switch solutions for over 65 years. Despite this, it remains relevant in the market as it produces and develops unique electromechanical switches in which business partners of NKK take pride.  

NKK Switches has had its 65th company anniversary since its foundation in 1953. That same year, it earned its first switch patent to convert vertical pressing motion to rotational or ‘seesaw’ motion. This was followed by more of its masterpieces which are now well recognized and used by different industries. 

Listed below are the types of products offered by NKK Switches:

  • Toggles
  • Rockers
  • Pushbuttons
  • Illuminated Pushbuttons
  • SmartSwitch Programmable
    Switches & Displays
  • Keylocks
  • Rotaries
  • Slides
  • Tactiles
  • Tilt Switches
  • Touch Screens 
  • Membrane Switch Keypad
  • Indicators
  • Accessories & Hardware
  • Supplement

Each type corresponds to more product varieties which can also be classified or identified per series. For example, one of NKK’s famous pieces is its illuminated and non-illuminated membrane switch keypad. It is part of the FM Series that comes in 4, 12, or 16 keys, depending on the technical configuration and usage application.  

Heading towards its 7th decade in the industry, it is undeniable that NKK Switches already has an overwhelming variety of products. For this reason, NKK Switches decided to open opportunities for potential business partners worldwide. The goal is to guide and assist them in finding the right switch product & solution and have immediate contact for a better NKK customer experience journey. All products are guaranteed to be of quality; however, if it does not fit the client’s needs and requirements, their potential is already lost. 


You may contact us today to know more about NKK Switches’ membrane switch keypads and other electromechanical switch offers.

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