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Founded in 1976, Samtec has been a reputable and celebrated manufacturer and connector company for over 45 years. Headquartered in New Albany in Indiana, they boast over 40 international locations and have sold products in over 125 countries to date. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, coupling with economic and logistical difficulties, Samtec recorded $800 million (or over €677 million) in revenue in 2020. They currently employ over 6,000 people worldwide and take pride in their 96% employee retention rate.

To date, Samtec has attracted over 25,000 customers spanning all types of industry. In their own words, they serve some of the world’s leading and well-known tech giants, small start-up and independent businesses, and everything in between.


Samtec currently offers the largest variety of board-to-board connectors in the industry. Popular applications include high-speed mezzanine and high-density array systems, high-speed edge card and backplane systems, and micro pitch board stacking systems down to 0.40 mm pitch and 1 mm stack height.


Samtec has been building its brand as a name you can trust for almost half a decade.


Here is a list of some of Samtec’s most popular and top-selling products and connectors:


  1. The SEAM, SEAF(aka the SEARAY). This is one of the staples and household connectors manufactured by Samtec. In essence, it is a high-speed and high-density 1.27mm grid array system. Its massive popularity in the world of connectors comes from its open pin fields, which give designers various pub routing and grounding flexibility.


  1. The FTSH,CLP set. These are essentially basic 1.27mm socket and terminal strips. They are a widely popular connector system because of the variety of options in the product line. Potential pairings include through-hole and SMT terminations, vertical and right angle designs, and a variety of plating options.


  1. The TFM, SFM(aka the Tiger Eye). Samtec’s patented Tiger Eye is a contact system built for rugged, high-cycle, micro pitch applications. It’s a quality product, and in fact, one of the first connector sets designed for SMT applications.


  1. The Firefly. Firefly is an interconnect system that gives designers a great degree of flexibility when using high-performance optical and low-cost copper interconnects interchangeably with the same connector system. The miniature footprint allows the industry’s highest bandwidth per square inch of PCB space.


  1. The TSM, SSM. Samtec produces these 2.54mm SMT terminal and socket strips. The reason why they are so popular is simple; they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and give designers a plethora of options.


  1. The 6th most popular product manufactured by Samtec is not one specific product. Instead, it is their extensive line of high-speed cable assemblies. The connector termination options presented by Samtec are essentially limitless, with Twinax Flyover Solutions operating as one of the most popular applications.


  1. The QTH, QSH. This is one of Samtec’s patented Q Strip products. They are high-speed mezzanine connectors in stack heights that range from 5mm and up. It’s important to note the 5mm is indeed the most popular version. They are built with an integral ground plane with high speed and/or power applications.


  1. The ERM8, ERF8series. This is yet another prevalent and in-demand 0.80mm pitch system. They are high-speed and rugged mezzanine connectors that form part of Samtec’s Edge Rate series.


  1. The HSEC8. The HSEC8 is a high-speed 0.80mm pitch edge card socket. It is a well-known connector and belongs to Samtec’s top 10 selling products due to its characteristic as a micro pitch which serves as a rugged alternative to standard edge card receptacles. It’s also a very versatile connector and is available in power/signal combos, right angle, and differential pair designs, to name but a few.


  1. The TSWand SSW series. Samtec’s tenth and final product has been a popular staple of its production line for decades. They are basic 2.54mm through-hole terminal and socket strips. They are a fan favorite in the Samtec catalog largely because of their design flexibility. Users can design almost any stack height, orientation, plating, number of positions, or configuration out there.


Honorable Mentions: What would a list of Samtec’s top-selling products be without a couple of honorable mentions. First up are the TMM and CLT. These are essentially the 2.00mm pitch equivalents of the TSW and SSW series mentioned above. Finally, a word about the FFSD. This is an IDC cable assemble used with the high-cycle Tiger Eye contact mentioned earlier in this article.


Over the years, Samtec has been the recipient of some of the highest accolades in the manufacturing industry. In their recent history, they have been awarded:


  • Fortune Top 15 Best US Workplaces in Manufacturing and Production
  • Flex Israel Best Supplier of Quality Excellence 2018
  • Enics Switzerland Manufacturer of the Year 2018
  • Rockwell Automation Market Supplier of the Year 2017
  • Avnet Taiwan Connector Supplier of the Year 2017
  • Arrow Hong Kong Best Demand Creation Supplier of the Year for Greater China 2017
  • Sphera Manufacturing Industry Excellence Award 2017


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