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Sensata Technologies manufactures and develops sensors and relevant technological solutions such as controllers, software, and other mission-critical products. ‘Sensata’ was derived from the Latin word sensate, meaning “those gifted with sense.” and is also translated into its logo by using the Braille system to spell out its name.  

This sensor solutions producing company has more than 100 years of industry expertise. At present, Sensata has a wide range of products to offer the market, including its famous Airpax brand products. Customization of sensor-rich solutions is one of the many advantages for those who choose electronic components from Sensata Technologies. This allows valuable business to its authorized distributors and relevant insights to all of its end users. In addition, complex engineering requirements are also addressed to solve even the most complicated challenge for the automotive, industrial, heavy vehicle & off-road, or aerospace industries. 

Sensata has more than 19,000 employees from its operational facilities in 13 countries worldwide. The vast network built by the company has resulted in notable comebacks such as a generated 2020 fiscal year revenue of $3.0 billion, a total of 1.1 billion units shipment, and an increasing number of recognized authorized distributors across the globe. 

The current market and industry are already impressed by the works of Sensata. However, it remains ambitious yet humble as it dreams of becoming a world leader. Sensata’s business goal is to keep its customers satisfied despite their dynamic demand for safety, efficiency, and a sustainable environment. For this regard, Sensata’s Airpax brand products are designed according to its four building blocks: Clean & Efficient, Electrification, Autonomy, and Smart & Connected. All these are what make it possible for the company to produce high-quality sensors and solutions and assist in shaping the market for the coming years. 


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