NXP Semiconductors

Also known as: Philips Components, Discrete Semi Group, Philips Semiconductor Signettics/ Philips Components,
VLSI Technology
Products included: ICs, microcontrollers, logic, wireless, ASICs, discretes, microprocessor
NXP Semiconductors is a leading supplier of embedded controllers and offers an extensive portfolio of
microcontrollers with Arm processors and microcontrollers for a variety of industries including automotive, wireless
connectivity and more. They continue to drive innovation by offering a strong portfolio of power management
products for industrial and automotive applications, including numerous power supplies and battery management
solutions. NXP’s products power and connect solutions around the world, helping to improve the skills of people,
organizations and the world as a whole.
NXP Semiconductors has acquired Freescale Semiconductor. Freescale Semiconductor components are now part
of NXP’s product portfolio (December 2015).
NXP Semiconductors creates solutions that enable secure connections for a smarter world. Building on its
expertise in High Performance Mixed Signal electronics, NXP is driving innovation in the automotive, identification
and mobile industries, and in application areas including wireless infrastructure, lighting, healthcare, industrial,
consumer tech and computing.
NXP supplies a broad range of standard semiconductor components, such as small signal discretes, power
discretes and integrated discretes.
NXP Semiconductors provides high performance mixed signal solutions for radio frequency (RF), analog, power
management, interface, security, and digital processing products worldwide. The company offers products for
audio and visual head-end unit applications, such as single-chip radio solutions, multi-standard radios, audio
amplifiers and power analog products, and i.MX applications processors; in-vehicle networking products; two-way
secure entry products; various sensors and microcontrollers; power management solutions; and solutions for
radar, vision, vehicle-to-vehicle, and vehicle-to-infrastructure systems. It also provides secure identification
solutions, such as passive RF connectivity devices; microcontroller devices; and secure real-time operating
system software products to facilitate the encryption-decryption of data, and the interaction with the reader
infrastructure systems.

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