About ODU

ODU LLC is a world leader in manufacturing cable assemblies, connectors, and other solutions to ensure reliable transmissions of signals in various applications. ODU has a team of expert machine tool designers and developers. With its advanced designs and reliable technology, ODU has proven to be an interfacing solution provider for numerous applications, including automotive, medical, and more!


ODU Products & Technologies

ODU has a wide range of products, including:


  • Circular connectors
  • ODU-mini snap 
  • ODU-Medi snap
  • ODU- mini med
  • ODU AMC 
  • ODU AMC easy clean
  • ODU AMC high density
  • ODU AMC series T
  • ODU AMC threaded 


  • Modular connectors
  • Connettori circolari 
  • Connettori modulari
  • Contatti electtrici 


  • Electrical contacts
  • ODU SPRINGTAC flatsocket


ODU Product Applications


ODU’s products are utilized in a wide range of applications and industries, such as:


  • Medical technology 
  • Test and measurement technology 
  • Military and security technology 
  • Industrial electronics 
  • Automotive


ODU Distributors


BD Electronics provides high-quality connectors and assemblies manufactured by ODU at cost-effective prices. Being one of the most reliable ODU distributors, BD Electronics makes sure that the products ordered by any business owner reach their location quickly without compromising safety. So if you need hard-to-find or obsolete electronic components shipped worldwide, get in touch with BD Electronics today!




Q1: Where are ODU connectors applied?


A: ODU connectors can be applied in extreme weather conditions, dust, moisture, corrosion, shock, etc. This makes them ideal for use in the military, agricultural, forestry, and defense sectors.


Q2: What is ODU’s phone number?


A: ODU’s phone number is (805) 484-0540.


Q3: What is ODU’s official website?


A: ODU’s official website is https://odu-connectors.com.


Q4: Where to order ODU products online?


A: It is now easier to buy ODU products, both offline as well as online. Click here and request a free quote for ODU parts and components at the BD Electronics website.


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