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About Phyton, Inc.


Phyton, Inc., a top provider of microsystems, development tools, and device programmers for manufacturing and development, is based in Brooklyn, New York, in the United States. Phyton has more than 25 years of experience in product design and marketing, including tools for manufacturing and developing embedded microcontrollers and device programmers for engineers. Leading silicon manufacturers’ flash memory, microcontroller, and programmable logic devices are supported by Phyton ChipProgTM device programmers. 


Phyton, Inc. Products & Technologies


Phyton, Inc. sells a range of premium products, including off-board programmers, socket adapters, and in-system programmers.


The company offers products in the categories listed below;


In-system Programmers

  • Single-site ISPs
  • Gang ISPs
  • Customizable ISP Solution
  • Prices

Off-board Programmers

Socket adapters

Legacy Tools


Phyton, Inc. Product Applications

Phyton, Inc. products provide customers with numerous uses in several application areas, including:


  • Computer systems design
  • Computer programming
  • IT
  • Automotive
  • E-commerce
  • Finance
  • Marketing


Phyton, Inc. Distributors

Phyton, Inc. offers off-board programmers, socket adapters, and in-system programmers via distributors worldwide. Additionally, BD Electronics, a distributor for Phyton, Inc., provides the most affordable prices for high-performance products made by the business.


BD Electronics is a global distributor of out-of-date electrical components and focuses on finding hard-to-find parts. You can submit your part requests to find electronic components, and we’ll let you pick the price range.


FAQ About Phyton, Inc.

Q1: What are socket adapters?

A: Fasteners can be tightened and loosened with the help of socket adapters and hand drive tools. They make it possible for a hand drive tool with a different drive size or shape to be used with the drive end of a socket. The adapters included in socket adapter sets are a variety of sizes for both hand and socket drives.


Q2: When would you use a socket adapter?

A: When using a socket with a wrench that has a different drive size, socket adapters change the socket’s drive size. A socket adapter, for instance, can be used to convert a socket with a 1/4″ square drive for use with a 3/8″ square drive wrench. In addition, a socket’s reach can be increased by using socket extensions.


Q3: What is the difference between a socket and Adaptor?

A: A plug can be connected to a socket made for a different plug type using an adapter. A converter enables a device to connect to a mains supply carrying a voltage rather than the one it was designed for.


Q4: Where to order Phyton, Inc. socket adapters online?

A: BD Electronics offers many Phyton, Inc. socket adapter variations. By visiting the BD Electronics website and browsing the product category area, you can find the components you seek.

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