About Pi Supply


Pi Supply is the world’s leading manufacturer of Raspberry Pi’s mini computer accessories. Pi Supply ships innovative accessories, including HATS, shields, capes, and other high-end audio streaming boards worldwide. Starting as a hobby car audio business in 2008, Pi Supply now has a team of thousands of professionals all across the UK and EU. With all its innovative products, Pi Supply has made it easier for beginners to get their hands dirty in coding, electronics, and general computing.


Pi Supply Products & Technologies

Pi Supply has a vast list of innovative products, including:


  • JustBoom audio range
  • PiJuice UPS Raspberry Pi product range
  • StakeBox cryptocurrency product range
  • Pi PoE Switch HAT
  • Weatherproof case
  • PiJuice cases
  • JustBoom cases
  • Pi PoE Switch HAT case
  • Flick HAT/Zero/Large cases
  • PaPiRus cases
  • Kitting/Fulfilment


Pi Supply Product Applications


Pi Supply products are used in the fo vllowing industries and applications:


  • Electronic
  • Computing
  • Coding


Pi Supply Distributors


Are you looking for one of the most reliable Pi Supply distributors? Look no further than BD Electronics! BD Electronics has stocked up original Pi Supply products and provides worldwide shipping. Our supply chain is the most advanced system in the world, and we ensure no component is damaged during transportation.


FAQ About Pi Supply


Q1: Why is there a PI shortage?


A: PI is in high demand; thus, its supply chain has been affected for this reason. Another reason is that its usage is limited to industrial and commercial users, and individual users cannot use this product.


Q2: What pins does the PiJuice use?


A: PiJuice has five GPIO pins, which directly connect with the power supply making the system way more reliable.


Q3: How do I charge my PiJuice?


A: PiJuice can be charged through various power sources. It has an in-built battery and a micro USB port.


Q4: Where to order Pi Supply products online?


A: Pi Supply products can be ordered at the BD Electronics website. Click here to fill in the parts and component requirements, and buy the Pi Supply products today!


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