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A Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of high-performance parts for high-voltage power conversion is called Power Integrations, Inc. While our SCALE gate drivers are essential parts in high-power systems like solar and wind energy, industrial motor drives, electric vehicles, and high-voltage DC power grids, our integrated circuits make it possible for convenient, energy-efficient AC-DC power sources for a wide range of electronic products, including smartphones, appliances, smart utility meters, LED lights, and many engineering products.


Power Integrations’ EcoSmart energy innovation, which was first introduced in 1998, has stopped millions of tons of carbon emissions and billions of dollars’ worth of energy waste. Power Integrations’ stock is included in clean-technology stock indices supported by Cleantech Group LLC and Clean Edge, reflecting the advantages of our products for the environment.


Power Integrations Products & Technologies

Power Integrations provide a vast selection of goods. The company provides a broad portfolio of high quality power conversion components.

The company offers products in the following categories;


AC-DC Conversion

  • InnoSwitch
  • TOPSwitch
  • LinkSwitch
  • TinySwitch
  • InnoMux
  • MinE-CAP
  • Hiper
  • CAPZero
  • SENZero
  • ClampZero
  • Qspeed Diodes
  • LinkZero
  • ChiPhy
  • DPA-Switch
  • Archived AC-DC Conversion Products

LED Drivers

  • LYTSwitch
  • Hiper
  • LinkSwitch
  • TinySwitch
  • CAPZero
  • Qspeed Diodes


Gate Drivers

  • SCALE-2 Plug-and-Play Drivers
  • SCALE-2 Driver Cores
  • SCALE-iFlex
  • SCALE-iDriver
  • DC-DC Converters


Power Integrations Product Applications

  • AC Motors
  • Appliances
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Brushless DC Motors
  • Chargers & Adapter
  • Climate Control & Auxiliary Converters 
  • Commercial/Industrial Lighting
  • Computers & Servers
  • Industrial Motors
  • IoT, Smart Home and Building Automation
  • Main DC-DC Converters
  • Meters and Industrial Equipment 




Power Integrations Distributors


Power Integrations’ renowned distributors deliver their high-quality power conversion components and other cutting-edge goods all over the world. Additionally, BD Electronics offers the greatest prices on high-performance Power Integrations products.


BD Electronics is an international distributor of old electrical components with a focus on locating difficult-to-find parts. You can submit us your part requests for sourcing electronic components, and we’ll let you choose the pricing range.


FAQ About Power Integrations


Q1: Does Power Integrations offer digital Gate Drivers?


A:Silicon, germanium, and gallium arsenide are three of the most popular semiconductors. Gallium arsenide is utilized in solar cells, laser diodes, and other electronic components, whereas silicon is created into electrical circuits.

Q2: Why don’t Power Integrations drivers turn off slowly in the event of a short circuit?


A: In order to minimize leakage currents, the driver circuits, sometimes referred to as “two-stage turn-off,” “soft switch-off,” and “slow turn-off,” use low-ohmic gate resistors in normal operation and high-ohmic resistors (or lower gate current) whenever a short-circuit or over-current is identified.


Q3: Where to order Power Integration Products online?


A: On the BD Electronics website, you can purchase Power integrations power conversion equipment in large quantities. Send us the number and the parts you require, and our staff will handle the rest.


Q4: How do I find alternative electronic components?


A: Different sorts of obsolete electrical parts are provided by BD Electronics. You can find alternative electronic components on our product category page. You can send a component requirement to our staff if you require alternative electronic components.

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