Rampow was founded in May 2015. They are a bunch of friends with a shared commitment to accomplishments. They are tech lovers, joke makers, cat owners, card game players, and above all, mission carriers.

The company started small but aimed big, that is: for everyone to have an enjoyable digital life, without boundaries between the goals you chase and the tools you take.

 They are currently focusing on smartphone accessories. They started with charging cables, which everyone needs yet hardly realizes its quality could be better. This is what they do- keep digging in details and changing everyone’s perspectives. Check out RAMPOW released products, or stay tuned for what’s next by following their Facebook and Twitter!

How To Order?

Customers can purchase products from RAMPOW by visiting its website HERE.

Alternatively, BD Electronics Ltd. is an official RAMPOW distributor. 

That means, if you find the purchase steps on RAMPOW rather complex or the lead time of theirs is longer than expected, you can come to us.

All you need to do is visit our online shop, and send us an inquiry of what you are interested in; our expert will get back to you in a timely manner and take care of the rest. Working with us, what you need to really pay attention to is opening the door to receive the delivery.

Aside from RAMPOW, BD Electronics is also a reliable certified distributor of many other brands. Click HERE to check them out.

What kind of accessories? 

RAMPOW ranges from the most commonly used USB in PCs, laptops, power banks, wall outlets, USB-A to the most recent and newest technology that takes data transferring to a whole new level, USB-C!

On top of that, RAMPOW also has wall chargers and car chargers that have quick charging features and dual ports for ease of charging for more than one product when you are on the go or when you are out working with more than one device.

Finally, RAMPOW also carries a wide range of cables. From lightning cables for Apple users to USB type C cables with various lengths (3 meters or 10 meters) for different uses.

For example, power banks may need a shorter cable when carrying it around, whereas charging your device from a wall charger means needing a longer cable for maximum comfort.

They also have micro to USB cables for devices that have yet to adapt to the new USB C. RAMPOW’S cables are also customizable when it comes to colors and designs. They have a few colors and selections to choose from while making sure these cables are durable and perfect for long-term use! 

For more information and reviews on their products, do check out RAMPOW’s website

Partnering with RAMPOW 

If you are interested in RAMPOW’s products or a tech lover with an active blog or social media presence, do contact RAMPOW as they would love to collaborate and partner with tech lovers alike!

Alternatively, if you are an aspiring business owner or company looking to be a RAMPOW distributor, they are also open to wholesale and retail opportunities! However, they currently only offer services to the U.S and Europe. 


You may contact us today for more information and assistance of Rampow.

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