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BD Electronics is your trusted partner in the supply of electronic components, even: hard to find electronic components; obsolete components; end of life or out of stock electronic components.

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AVX Company has been acknowledged as the leading company within the international passive electronic part and interconnects products business. Every year, AVX Company overcomes the problem of serving to Design Engineers create superior products for their clients using AVX’s innovative research, design experience, and supply know-how to enhance efficiency and cut back total cost. Worldwide manufacturing capabilities in seventeen nations on four continents permit AVX to satisfy clients’ wants on a world foundation.


AVX enjoys significant aggressive benefits and the good thing about international manufacturing and distribution offered by 20 manufacturing services in 11 nations. With analysis and improvement facilities in five places worldwide (United States, Northern Ireland, England, France, and Israel), AVX has fostered buyer relationships involving the design and know-how for brand new and advanced products to meet their particular product requirements.

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