About Riedon

Since 1960, Riedon has been dedicated to providing customers worldwide with the most extraordinary unique, high-quality resistive solutions. Riedon supplies the most distinctive and original producers of cutting-edge technical solutions with wire wounds and high-precision resistors. Their cutting-edge solutions are built to provide the highest level of stability while maintaining the functioning of the original equipment requirements. This includes settings with abrupt temperature variations. They are the fastest in the business at designing any solution needed for any specific product requirements.

Riedon Product & Technology 

Bring your needs for customized resistors to Riedon, and we will undoubtedly have the perfect answer. Our resistive knowledge is extensive and includes the following:

  • Specific or custom requirements resistors
  • Resistors for Current Sense and Shunt
  • Wirewound, Thick Film, and Thin Film Precision Resistors
  • Designs with high voltage, high pulse, and TO-type surfaces and through holes
  • Resistors with Lead

Riedon Product Applications 

  • Solar industry 
  • Supply chain industry 
  • Industrial applications 
  • Appliances 
  • Power applications 
  • Military applications 

Riedon Distributors 

Riedon greatly aided the revised design and production of resistors. In the past, lead resistors were significantly more extensive and less efficient. Today, Riedon is the market leader regarding best practices for resistors made for any power requirement.

Riedon relies on authorized distributors such as BD Electronics to get consumers their parts at the best prices possible.

BD Electronics is a worldwide distributor of Riedon products. Get a quote by visiting the website today! 


FAQ About Riedon


Q1: Are Riedon Standard Resistors following the RoHS compliance?


A: Yes, they do follow the RoHS compliance


Q2: Are samples provided by Riedon?


A: Samples are provided are filling up a form 


Q3: Can Riedon’s resistors be altered or customized?


A: Yes, they can be altered and customized depending on your requirement. 


Q4: Where to order Riedon products online?


A: Buy Riedon products by getting in touch with BD Electronics, an authorized distributor of EAO. You can order Riedon products in bulk on the BD Electronics website. Just send in your parts requirements and quantity — our team will take it from there. 

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