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About Samtec

Samtec is a global leader in the electronic interconnect industry, specializing in designing and manufacturing high-performance connectors, cables, and optical systems. Samtec, one of the world’s biggest privately held connector manufacturers, was established in 1976 and is based in New Albany, Indiana, USA.

Samtec offers interconnect solutions for various industries, including telecommunications, data centers, automotive, industrial equipment, medical devices, and consumer electronics. Leading companies across different sectors prefer their products due to their exceptional quality, reliability, and high-speed performance.

Samtec excels in providing tailored solutions that meet unique customer needs. In addition, they strongly focus on engineering and innovation, working closely with their customers to develop tailored interconnect solutions that address their unique challenges. Samtec’s extensive portfolio includes board-to-board connectors, high-speed mezzanine systems, microelectronics, rugged and industrial interconnects, and cable assemblies.

The company is present globally, with strategically located manufacturing facilities, sales offices, and service centers worldwide. This allows them to serve customers in various regions and provide localized support efficiently. Samtec’s commitment to customer service is reflected in its quick turnaround times, flexible manufacturing processes, and responsive technical support.

In recent years, Samtec has also expanded its capabilities in optics. They offer various optical interconnect solutions, including active cables, assemblies, and high-speed optical engines. These optical products enable high-speed data transmission over longer distances. As a result, they are increasingly important in applications such as data centers, telecommunications, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Furthermore, Samtec actively participates in industry standards committees and consortia to contribute to developing new interconnect technologies and drive innovation in the field. They collaborate with other industry leaders to define and shape future standards, ensuring their products remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

BD Electronics is a renowned distributor in the electronics industry, specializing in providing comprehensive solutions and services to customers worldwide. As a reliable distributor of Samtec products, BD Electronics plays a crucial role in helping customers order and access a wide range of high-quality interconnect solutions. In addition, with their extensive product knowledge and expertise, BD Electronics assists customers in navigating Samtec’s vast portfolio, identifying the most suitable connectors, cables, or optical systems for their specific needs. 


Samtec Products

Samtec ProductsSamtec’s product range covers a broad spectrum of interconnect solutions, including connectors, cables, optics, and RF products. Samtec products in various categories offer dependable, high-performance connectivity solutions for multiple industries and applications. In addition, their dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction ensures customer satisfaction.


Samtec Connectors

Samtec ConnectorsSamtec offers a diverse range of connectors that cater to various industry needs. These connectors are designed to provide reliable and high-performance interconnectivity solutions. Samtec’s connectors include board-to-board, wire-to-board, high-density, and micro-pitch connectors. Their vast selection allows customers to find the ideal application connectors, ensuring seamless and efficient connectivity. In addition, Samtec products in the connector category are known for their durability, precision, and exceptional signal integrity.


Samtec Cables

Samtec CablesSamtec’s cable offerings encompass a wide array of options, providing robust and reliable solutions for data transmission. They offer a comprehensive range of cable assemblies, including high-speed, high-density, and high-flexibility cables. These cables are engineered to meet the demands of various industries, such as telecommunications, data centers, and automotive. Samtec products in the cable category are designed to deliver superior electrical and mechanical performance, ensuring optimal signal integrity and reducing transmission errors.


Samtec Optics

Samtec OpticsSamtec’s optical solutions enable high-speed data transmission over longer distances and in challenging environments. Their portfolio includes active optical cables, optical modules, and optical connectors. Samtec products in the optics category leverage advanced optical technology to deliver exceptional speed, bandwidth, and signal integrity. These optical solutions are crucial for applications like data centers, telecommunications, and emerging technologies where high-speed and long-distance data transmission is essential.


Samtec RF

Samtec RFSamtec also offers a comprehensive range of RF (Radio Frequency) interconnect solutions. These products include RF connectors, cables, and adapters that enable reliable RF signal transmission in various applications. In addition, Samtec’s RF products are designed to meet stringent performance requirements, ensuring excellent signal integrity, low loss, and high-frequency capabilities. As a result, Samtec’s RF interconnect solutions provide reliable and efficient connectivity for RF signals, whether for wireless communications, aerospace, or defense applications.


Samtec Product Applications

Samtec Product Applications

Samtec provides solutions for every application, market, and industry. These solutions range from typical catalog goods to one-of-a-kind, high-performance designs. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service, high-quality products, and cutting-edge technology that best serve our clients as the service leader in the sector.

Samtec offers product applications in the following industries;

  • 5G Network Applications
  • Test & Development
  • Radio / Antenna
  • Network Equipment
  • Automotive


We Are Distributor of Samtec Products

Samtec, a prominent manufacturer of computer accessories, ensures worldwide distribution of its products through a network of reliable distributors like BD Electronics. These distributors play a crucial role in making Samtec’s diverse range of computer accessories easily accessible to customers across the globe.

Whether customers need card readers, Type-C docks, USB 3.0 hubs, or USB cables, Samtec offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality computer accessories to meet their requirements. These accessories enhance connectivity, simplify data management, and provide reliable charging solutions.

Samtec has strategically partnered with reliable distributors such as BD Electronics to ensure global availability and convenience. Through these distributors, customers have the opportunity to purchase Samtec products with ease. In addition, by leveraging the established distribution network, Samtec ensures that its computer accessories are readily accessible in various regions and countries worldwide.

Customers can rely on Samtec distributors to provide genuine products backed by Samtec’s commitment to quality and innovation. In addition, distributors like BD Electronics have the expertise and resources to handle the distribution process efficiently, ensuring customers receive authentic Samtec products promptly.

The partnership between Samtec and its distributors allows a streamlined supply chain, enabling customers to browse and purchase Samtec computer accessories confidently. Furthermore, the distribution network serves as a means to link Samtec’s products to a worldwide customer base, simplifying the process for consumers and enterprises to obtain top-notch computer accessories. If you need Samtec products or any other obsolete electronic components, click below for a free quote. Buy Samtec electronic components today!



Q: What is the shelf life of Samtec connectors?

A: Samtec connectors do not have a specific shelf life but can maintain performance if stored properly.

Q: Where does Samtec manufacture its products?

A: Samtec has manufacturing facilities worldwide, including the United States, Costa Rica, China, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Q: What is a Samtec connector?

A: A Samtec connector is an electronic interconnect component known for its quality and reliability, designed and manufactured by Samtec to establish electrical connections between devices.

Q: Where to order Samtec products?

A: Samtec products can be ordered directly from their website or through reliable distributors like BD Electronics, who offer personalized support and efficient procurement processes. Customer service is also available for assistance.

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