About Schaffner EMC, Inc.


Schaffner EMC, Inc. provides efficient and reliable electromagnetic solutions that drive technological performance and enhancement. Headquartered in Switzerland, Schaffner maintains a global presence to best support customers in key markets worldwide. 


Schaffner EMC, Inc. Products & Technologies


Schaffner EMC offers products in the following categories:

EMC / EMI Products

  • DC Filters
  • Single-Phase Filters
  • 3-Phase Filters
  • IEC Inlet Filters and Modules
  • EMC / EMI Chokes
  • PCB Filters
  • Feedthrough Filters
  • Pulse Transformers

Power Quality Products

  • Active Harmonic Filters
  • Passive Harmonic Filters
  • Output Filters
  • Reactors
  • LCL Filters


  • Low-Frequency Antennas
  • Low-Frequency Antennas
  • EMI Filters
  • EMI Filters
  • HV-Transformers
  • HV-Transformers
  • Power Factor Corrector (PFC) Inductors
  • Power Factor Corrector (PFC) Inductors
  • DC Inductors (Filtering Choke)
  • DC Inductors (Filtering Choke)
  • Common and Differential Mode Chokes
  • Common and Differential Mode Chokes


Schaffner EMC, Inc. Applications


  • Machinery and Robotics
  • Building Technology
  • Energy Management
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Data and Communication


Schaffner EMC, Inc. Distributors

Schaffner is a worldwide leader in electromagnetic solutions. A licensed distributor like BD Electronics is ideal for purchasing your Schaffner products.

BD Electronics, a well-established and highly reputable Schaffner distributor, can solve your sourcing problems. Send us a request for parts, and we’ll let you specify the price range.


FAQ About Schaffner EMC, Inc.


Q1: What does EMC stand for?


A: EMC stands for electromagnetic capability.


Q2: What is EMC filter in VFD?


A: EMC filters lessen the electromagnetic noise that is transferred between the drive and the main VFD. An internal EMC filter is a standard feature of all Optidrives and performs adequately for the majority of industrial applications.


Q3: How do I choose my EMC filter?


A: Verify the system specifications and requirements to find the appropriate EMC filter.


Q4: Where to order Schaffner EMC filter online?


A: BD Electronics is an authorized distributor of Schaffner EMC, Inc. products. You can order Schaffner products in bulk on the BD Electronics website. Just send in your parts requirements and quantity — our team will take it from there.

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