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About SeCoS Corporation

SeCoS off-grid power products are manufactured by the SeCoS GmbH brand. The Company is an electronic industry corporation headquartered in Germany.

It is a company dedicated to providing the market with various wafer semiconductor products. With this, SeCoS Taiwan was assigned a patent to produce and market electronic components across the globe. 

The aim goal of the company is to gain credible & long-term business relationships with both clients, partners, and any distributor of off-grid power authorized by SeCoS. Furthermore, the company believes that a mutually beneficial business partnership keeps the corporation up and running throughout its 50 years of industry presence. 

In addition, it is made possible with the help of its employees. These employees provide the highest standard of customer service and the best SeCoS corporation solutions at a very competitive price. 

SeCoS off-grid power products distributors are honored to represent & present the brand’s quality to potential customers. Precision and passion for innovation are the driving spirits of the company toward a global revolutionary off-grid power solutions experience.

SeCoS Off-Grid Power Products Categories

There are two main categories for the different SeCoS Corporation solutions – listed and explained as follows.

Automotive Qualified Solutions

Product Category Category Variety
  • Schottky Rectifier
  • Low VF Schottky
  • SiC Schottky (General, Fast, & Super Fast)
  • Low Loss Super Fast
  • Small Signal (Schottky, Switching, & PIN Diode)
  • Bridge Rectifier (New Series)
  • Zener Diode
  • Transient Voltage Suppressor
  • ESD Protection
  • Small Signal Transistor
  • Medium Power Transistor
  • Digital Transistor
  • Silicon Planar PNPN Thyristors
Integrated Circuits
  • Liner Voltage Regulator
  • Adjustable Voltage Regulator
  • Liner LDO Regulator
  • Adjustable Shunt Regulator
  • Audio Amplifier
  • Comparator
  • Photocoupler

Thermal Solutions

Product Category Category Description
CHDS Coating Solution A ceramic coating technology that improves its performance efficiency, making it the best choice to have a windless heat dissipation.
Ceramic Heatsink A solution made of nonconductive material that is able to synchronously absorb the RF signal. This makes it the best option for Networking electronic products.
Thermal Module This multi-material composite product is highly customizable to accommodate even the highest wattage characterized products. 
Thermal Interface A thermal solution that effectively transfers heat energy to heat dissipation with the help of the selection of silicon composite materials being used. 
Die Casting A metal forming-based process that is seen from within the parts of the component up until its shells or externals. 


Image Source | SeCoS

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Nonetheless, all of these suppliers are knowledgeable enough about the company, which allows them to provide the highest quality of assistance to customers.

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