Sensata Airpax Technologies

Sensata Airpax Corporation is a global leader in designing and manufacturing sensors and sensor-based solutions for various industrial applications. The company’s products are intended as fundamental building blocks needed for a cleaner, more efficient, electrified, and connected world.

With a rich history, dating back to more than a century ago, this manufacturer can boast of a wealth of engineering experience. This manufacturer’s products and resources are designed to address emerging industry trends. 

The company is known globally for creating innovative and sustainable solutions. Some of the industries serviced by Sensata technologies include aerospace, telecom, automotive, transportation, medical, agriculture, construction, to mention but a few.


Sensata Products and Technologies

Airpax Sensata products are designed with high-performance sensing technologies. The next-generation designs transcend their broad portfolio of sensors, hydraulic-magnetic Airpax circuit breakers, and electrical protection components.


Airpax Catalog

Product Category Featured Products Example Applications
Pressure Sensors PTE7100 Series
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Mobile Hydraulics and Off-Highway Vehicles 
  • Pumps and Compressors
Airpax Circuit Breakers LineGard™ PGFM Series
  • Generators and Marine
  • Shore to Ship power
Battery Management Systems s-BMSTM
  • Longer battery lifeline of industrial forklifts
Motor Protectors 5SP PTC Starter/Motor Protector
  • Motor starting and to protect against AC motor overheating

Applications of Sensata Airpax Distributors Products

The advanced and high-tech products designed by this manufacturer provide a lot of companies the ability to optimize applications used to improve lives. Airpax electronics help solve the vital industrial application. Some applications include:

  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Emission Control Systems
  • Variable Air Volume Controller


Sensata Airpax Distributors

Sensata Airpax distributors, like BD Electronics, are available to supply their products worldwide. Their airpax 3 pole circuit breakers, marine breakers, and toggle switch can be purchased globally through official Sensata Airpax distributors.



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