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About Stackpole Electronics

Stackpole Electronics, a privately held business in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania, started producing resistors in 1928 as a division of Stackpole Components Company. Stackpole is now a member of the Akahane Stackpole Manufacturing Group (ASMG), and it is well regarded as a top supplier of solutions for resistive products.


The headquarters of Stackpole Electronics is in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the company has manufacturing sites in China, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, and El Paso. Additionally, Tokyo, London, and Taiwan all host sales offices for Stackpole Electronics.


Their consumers can buy products from our national and local distributors network in North America.


Stackpole Electronics Products and Application 


Stackpole Electronics offers 4 different categories of products. They have a reputation in manufacturing and providing some of the best quality resistive product solutions. 


Stackpole Electronics offers the following products: 


  • Resistors 
  • Capacitors 
  • Varistors 
  • Inductors


Stackpole Electronics Products Application


Stackpole Electronics products can be used in the following industries: 


  • Automotive 
  • Industrial automation
  • Communication
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical


Stackpole Electronics Distributor 

Stackpole Electronics products are supplied worldwide by authorized Stackpole Electronics distributors. In addition, BD Electronics can also deliver Stackpole Electronics products at the best price.

BD Electronics specializes in procuring hard-to-find components and supplying electronic components worldwide as a distributor of obsolete electronic components. You can send your part requirements for electronic components sourcing, and we will let you set the target price.


FAQ about Stackpole Electronics 


Q1: Does Stackpole Electronics offers MLFM15 0.3W Power Rating? 


A: Stackpole Electronics offers MLFM15 with a 0.3W Power rating. They provide engineers with a solution that meets the thermal, electrical, and size requirements.


Q2: Does Stackpole Electronics offer Anti-sulfur Performance resistors? 


A: Yes, Stackpole Electronics does offer Anti-sulfur Performance Automotive Grade Thick Film Chip Resistors 


Q3: Does Stackpole Electronics offer resistors for medical applications? 


A: Yes, Stackpole Electronics do offer resistors for medical applications 


Q4: What is the pricing for HCJ?


A: Pricing for HCJ offered by Stackpole Electronics depends on the size. 


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