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With a vast selection of LEDs that are among the brightest in the world and a remarkable variety in spatial distribution, package designs, and color variants, Stanley Electric is a leader in designing and manufacturing LEDs.


In addition, Stanley provides various optoelectronic components, like LCDs and CFLs, to meet the most stringent requirements for instrumental panel illumination. Stanley Electric is a one-stop shop for your optoelectronic component needs, whether you need LEDs, LCDs, or CFLs. In 1998, Stanley Electric was granted a more significant role after acting as II Stanley’s Michigan sales office and became a dedicated subsidiary of optoelectronic components for Stanley Electric of Japan. Stanley Electric built a cutting-edge warehousing facility, a sales support center connected to its worldwide field support teams, and wholly enlarged engineering capabilities to satisfy the demands of a booming market in North and South America.


Stanley Electric Products & Technologies


Stanley Electric sells various high-end products, such as visible lights, LCDs, and infrared&sensors.


The company offers products in the following categories;



  • LEDs
  • UVA / Near-UV
  • UVC / Deep-UV
  • CCL (Cold Cathode Lamp)

Visible light

  • Single-color LEDs
  • Multi-color LEDs
  • Ambient light unit

Infrared & sensor

  • IR LEDs
  • Sensor




Stanley Electric Product Applications

Customers can employ Stanley Electric products in a wide range of applications, including:


  • Automotive
  • Infrastructure & Security
  • Industrial equipment
  • Daily life


Stanley Electric Distributors

Distributors worldwide sell Stanley Electric visible lights, LCDs, and infrared sensors. BD Electronics, a Stanley Electric distributor, additionally provides the most outstanding prices for high-performance Stanley Electric products.


BD Electronics, a global distributor of obsolete electrical components, aims to decipher cryptic information. First, you can send in a part request to find electronic parts. Then, we’ll let you choose a price range if you ask.



FAQ About Stanley Electric

Q1: What does LCD mean?

A: Liquid crystal display is referred to as LCD.


Q2: What is LCD, and how does it work?

A: A flat-panel display or other electronically controlled optical devices that use polarizers and the light-modulating capabilities of liquid crystals is known as a liquid-crystal display (LCD). Liquid crystals don’t emit light directly; instead, they create images in either color or monochrome utilizing a backlight or reflector.


Q3: What is the basic principle of LCD?

A: Liquid crystal molecules are parallel to the glass surface without any applied voltage between transparent electrodes. They alter their course and turn vertically toward the glass surface when power is supplied.


Q4: Where to order Stanley Electric LCDs online?

A: BD Electronics offers a range of Stanley Electric LCD configurations. You can find the components you’re seeking by visiting the BD Electronics website and searching the product category area.

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