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SUN WARD TWS Audio products are designed and manufactured by SUN WARD Electronics. 

The brand was founded in 2015 in Shenzhen City and had been making the best SUN WARD audio products. In addition, the company is gearing towards its first decade – the most awaited milestone of SUNWARD TWS audio products. This manufacturer has become one of the best electronic industry innovators. 

The target market and industries of the company have been accustomed to the different SUN WARD TWS parts and products. Music and entertainment lovers are the focus customers, especially those looking for affordable yet high-quality audio pieces. 

Within seven years of making business, SUNWARD did not stop investing in its R&D activities & facilities. It explains and is inlined with why it pays so much attention and respect to creativity & innovation, resulting in the capability of SUNWARD suppliers to provide a wide variety of audio products. 

Image Source | SUN WARD

SUN WARD TWS Audio Products

The table below features the variety of True Wireless Stereo products that SUN WARD suppliers can offer:

001 TWSP10 – ANC True Wireless Stereo Earbuds
P23 BT EarphoneP68 Earphone 
PT20 BT EarphonePT25 BT Wireless Smart Earphone 
ANC – AP3 BT EarphonePT08 BT Earphone

SUN WARD TWS Audio Products Distributors

SUN WARD continues to look forward to the future by innovating more SUN WARD TWS audio products.

If you want to have first-hand experience of their products, you may get in touch with authorized SUN WARD suppliers worldwide. BD Electronics is one of its European distributors that extends its services worldwide. 



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