About Sunon

Sunonwealth, abbreviated as Sunon, is a global company based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It has since found its way into other continents, such as the greater parts of Asia, Europe, and even the Americas. Because of the company’s global prominence, Sunonwealth is strategically positioned to offer our Global partners a wide range of support, including marketing, technical, product training services, design, value-add, and more. 


Sunon Products & Technologies


  • High-performance fans
  • Blowers
  • Coolers
  • Axial fans
  • DC brushless fans
  • Micro DC blowers
  • CPU coolers
  • Graphic card coolers
  • AC fans


Sunon Product Applications


  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Hubs
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Refrigerators
  • Air cleaners
  • Heaters
  • Medical
  • Laboratory
  • Manufacturing
  • Vending machines 


Sunon Distributors


Sunonwealth products, such as high-performance fans and other cooling products, are available worldwide at any Sunonwealth distributor. BD Electronics is one such distributor and is a group dedicated to bringing quality Sunonwealth products and services to clients in any part of the globe.


FAQ About Sunon


Q1: Where does Sunon manufacture its products?

A: Sunon manufactures its products at three production facilities in China (Beihai, Foshan, and Kunshan) and one in Taiwan (Kaohsiung), which are all capable of accepting large, high-volume orders.


Q2: Does Sunon manufacture products catered to gaming and VR?

A: Sunonwelath is one of the world’s top suppliers of passive, active, and liquid cooling products. The company’s thermal solutions are refined to work with the latest smartphones, laptops, desktops, goggles, workstations, and servers, plus the next generation of technology


Q3: Does Sunon have products catered to cooling LED lights?

A: Sunon’s lightweight aluminum heat sinks can solve thermal management issues for low-lumen LED fixtures. Sunon’s SA series LED heat sinks with radial fin structure offer omnidirectional airflow with a black or silver anodized standard finish for optimum thermal performance. The SA series radial fin heat sinks are ideal for cooling LED spotlights.


Q4: Is it possible to source Sunon cooling products online?

A: Yes, it is possible, and with the help of BD Electronics, a group that specializes in locating and delivering the highest quality products in the market, consumers are assured of purchasing only the highest quality tech equipment and components.

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