About Swissbit

Swissbit, established in 2001, is a major European manufacturer of storage, security, and embedded IoT solutions for demanding applications. It has offices in Switzerland, Germany, the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. Swissbit combines its specialized knowledge of innovative packaging with its expertise in integrated IoT technologies and storage. 


Their customers can dependably store and safeguard data using this knowledge in applications for the Internet of Things and the industrial, NetCom, automotive, medical, and financial sectors (IoT). Swissbit designs and produces genuine “Made in Germany” industrial storage and security products that are highly reliable, have a long lifespan and are customized. In addition to controlled NAND BGAs, CompactFlash, USB flash drives, SD and microSD memory cards, and SSDs with PCIe and SATA interfaces, including mSATA, Slim SATA, CFast TM, M.2 and 2.5 “are all included in the storage range. Furthermore, the security solutions come in various application-specific versions like USB flash drives, SD, and microSD memory cards.

Swissbit Products & Technologies


Swissbit provides a variety of high-quality goods, such as NAND flash and security products.


The company offers products in the following categories;


NAND Flash Products

  • SSDs
  • Cards
  • USB
  • Managed NAND

Security Products

  • Security Editions


Swissbit Product Applications

Swissbit products provide customers with numerous uses in a variety of application areas, including:


  • Industrial automation
  • Energy distribution
  • Energy consumption
  • Smart grid
  • Infotainment
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace and defense


Swissbit Distributors

Through distributors, Swissbit provides NAND flash and security products worldwide. BD Electronics, a distributor for Swissbit, offers the most competitive pricing for the high-performance goods of the company.


BD Electronics, an international distributor of out-of-date electrical components, focuses on locating hard-to-find ingredients. You can submit your part requests for finding electronic components, and we’ll give you the option of selecting a pricing range.


FAQ About Swissbit

Q1: What are NAND products?

A: For general data storage and transfer, the NAND type is mainly used in memory cards, USB flash drives, solid-state drives (those made after 2009), feature phones, smartphones, and similar goods.


Q2: What are the different types of NAND flash?

A: NAND can be divided into two categories: managed and raw. Various types of raw NAND are available, including single-level cells (SLC), multi-level cells (MLC), triple-level cells (TLC), and quad-level cells (QLC).


Q3: Is USB a NAND flash?

A: Each NAND flash memory chip included in a USB flash drive is used to store data. On a flash drive, everything you load—documents, images, videos, programs, and more—is stored on the flash memory chip.


Q4: Where to order Swissbit NAND flashed online?

A: BD Electronics offers NAND flashes made by Swissbit in various variants. You can find the components you’re looking for by going to the BD Electronics website and searching the product category area.

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