About T-Global Technology

 About t-Global Technology


The leading provider of cutting-edge thermal management solutions is T-Global Technology. Based on the demanding requirements of our core markets, we design, develop, and produce various interface materials. In addition, the company provides design support, rapid sampling, and comprehensive engineering support from our sites in Europe and Asia.


This corporate concept has fueled our expansion and enabled our clients to launch technologically up-to-date items on the market. T-Global Technology will continue to flourish as a result of our connections with important clients, academic institutions, and business decision-makers. As a result, the company will continue to be your first choice for all of your thermal management needs.


 t-Global Technology Products & Technologies


The company offers products in the following categories;


  • Compounds & Gels
  • EMI Solutions
  • End Caps
  • Epoxy
  • Heat Sink
  • Heat Spreader
  • Non-Silicone Thermal Pad
  • Phase Change Material
  • Putty
  • Silicone Thermal Pad
  • Thermal Grease
  • Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tape
  • Thermally Conductive Insulator
  • Vapour Chamber


t-Global Technology Product Applications

  • Automotive ADAS
  • Automotive eMobility
  • 5G Telecom Infrastructure
  • Datacom
  • Aerospace
  • Lighting
  • Power Conversion
  • Industrial Automation
  • Consumer Electronics




t-Global Technology Distributors


Competent distributors from t-Global Technology distribute their finest Thermal management products and other cutting-edge products all around the world. Furthermore, BD Electronics has the best pricing on t-Global Technology devices that deliver exceptional performance.


With a concentration on locating hard-to-find parts, BD Electronics is a global distributor of electrical parts. For sourcing electronic components, you can send us your part requests, and we’ll let you pick the price range.


FAQ About  t-Global Technology


Q1: Where are T-Global Technology’s headquarters?

A:The corporate headquarters of T-Global Technology are located at 701 Brooks Ave S, Thief River Falls, Minnesota, 56701, USA.


What is T-Global Technology’s Revenue?


A: T-Global Technology’s revenue is $5 Million.


Q3: Where to order T-Global Technology thermal management products online?


A: On the BD Electronics website, you can purchase T-Global thermal management t in large quantities. Send us the number and the parts you require, and our staff will handle the rest.


Q4: How do I find alternative electronic components?

A: You can buy T-Global thermal management products in large quantities from the BD Electronics website. Send us the order and the parts you need, and our staff will take care of the rest.

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