About Taitien

Found in 1976, Taitien is a world leader in quartz frequency control systems. For over 40 years, Taitien has been committed to developing, manufacturing, and marketing frequency control solutions that improve the efficiency and accuracy of many industries. Taitien’s technology has proven revolutionary in VCXOs, TCXOs, OCXOs, precision crystals, Oscillators, Resonators, Sensors, and Transducers. Our mission is to make quartz manufacturing innovative and credible.


Taitien Products & Technologies


Taitien has a wide range of products, including:


Quartz Crystal


  • kHz Crystal
  • MHz Crystal
  • High Precision Crystal


Crystal Oscillator


  • Ultra Low Noise Series
  • Extended Operating Temp Series
  • Enhanced Stability Series
  • FASTXO, Fast Delivery Crystal Oscillator Series
  • kHz Range Crystal Oscillator
  • MHz Range Crystal Oscillators



  • Ultra Low Phase Noise VCXO Series
  • Standard VCXO Series



  • High Precision TCXO Series
  • Standard TCXO Series



  • Timing Module
  • Double Oven OCXO Series
  • Ultra Low Phase Noise OCXO Series
  • Fast Delivery OCXO Series


Timing Module




  • QCM_5MHz Series
  • QCM_6MHz Series



  • QWA-5A


Mini Oven


Taitien Product Applications


  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Cellular Infrastructure
  • Networking
  • PC
  • Peripherals


Taitien Distributors


BD Electronics is a leading distributor of Taitien products throughout the world. Our primary focus is on providing top-quality products that are reliable and delivered fast. Being one of the most reliable Taitien distributors, BD Electronics has an edge in the supply chain management of the products.


BD Electronics has been serving the electronic industry for years. The distributor takes pride in that Taitien products are now available on the BD Electronics website. Contact us for more information.


FAQ About Taitien


Q1: Where are TAITIEN’s headquarters?


A: Taitien is headquartered in Taiwan, the Province of China.


Q2: What is TAITIEN’s phone number?


A: Taitien’s contact number is +886-2-2686-1287.


Q3: What is TAITIEN’s official website?


A: You can visit Taitien at https://www.taitien.com/.


Q4: Where to order Taitien products online?


A: Taitien products can be easily ordered at the BD Electronics website. Fill out an easy quote form for parts and components requirements; the next step is to wait for a call from the Taitien distributor. Worldwide ordering is available at BD Electronics.


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