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About AMP TE Connectivity

AMP connectors, also known as AMP Incorporated connectors, were a line of electrical connectors manufactured by the AMP Incorporated company. However, it’s important to note that AMP Incorporated has undergone various changes. Initially established in 1941, AMP Incorporated was a significant producer of electrical and electronic connectors. However, after multiple acquisitions and mergers, it is now a division of TE Connectivity.

AMP connectors were widely used in various industries for electrical and electronic applications. They offered reliable and secure connections for multiple purposes, including power, signal, and data communication. In addition, AMP connectors were known for their high quality, durability, and versatility, making them popular in automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, and industrial applications.

Some common types of AMP connectors included circular connectors, rectangular connectors, board-to-board connectors, wire-to-board connectors, and wire-to-wire connectors. They came in different sizes, pin configurations, and termination methods to accommodate additional requirements.

BD Electronics is a renowned AMP Connectors distributor, specializing in providing high-quality electrical and electronic components to various industries. As a leading distributor, BD Electronics has established a strong reputation for its extensive product range, exceptional customer service, and reliable delivery of AMP connectors. 

BD Electronics provides customized solutions that cater to the unique requirements of its customers. In addition, they maintain a vast inventory of AMP connectors, ensuring quick availability and prompt delivery. Whether it’s circular connectors, rectangular connectors, or other types of AMP connectors, BD Electronics serves as a trusted partner, offering reliable products and expert guidance to support the success of their client’s projects.


AMP Connectors Products

AMP Connectors ProductsAMP Connectors offers a wide range of popular products, including circular connectors, rectangular connectors, board-to-board connectors, wire-to-board connectors, wire-to-wire connectors, power connectors, and high-speed connectors. AMP Connectors products cater to diverse industry needs, providing reliable and efficient connectivity solutions. Whether for power transmission, signal transmission, or data communication, AMP Connectors products are trusted by professionals worldwide for their quality and performance.


AMP Connectors Circular Connectors

AMP Connectors Circular ConnectorsAMP circular connectors are highly sought-after in various industries for their robust design and reliable performance. These connectors are used in applications requiring secure connections, such as in aerospace, military, and industrial environments. In addition, the versatility of AMP circular connectors makes them ideal for power transmission, signal transmission, and data communication, ensuring seamless connectivity in demanding conditions.


AMP Connectors Rectangular Connectors

AMP Connectors Rectangular ConnectorsAMP rectangular connectors are widely recognized for their versatility and ease of use. These connectors feature a rectangular housing with multiple pins, providing a reliable interface for connecting different components. They are commonly used in the automotive, telecommunications, and consumer electronics industries to facilitate secure and efficient connections between circuit boards, modules, and devices.


AMP Connectors Board-to-Board Connectors

AMP Connectors Board-to-Board ConnectorsAMP board-to-board connectors connect printed circuit boards (PCBs) within electronic systems. These connectors facilitate reliable signal transmission and power distribution between PCBs, ensuring the smooth operation of complex electronic devices. With compact size and various pin configurations, AMP board-to-board connectors offer flexibility and enable efficient PCB stacking and integration.


AMP Connectors Wire-to-Board Connectors

AMP Connectors Wire-to-Board ConnectorsAMP wire-to-board connectors are designed to establish secure connections between wires and PCBs. These connectors feature a plug-and-play design, allowing easy insertion and removal of cables. They are widely used in automotive, appliances, and industrial equipment industries, providing a reliable and space-saving solution for interconnecting wires and PCBs.


AMP Connectors Wire-To-Wire Connectors

AMP Connectors Wire-To-Wire ConnectorsAMP wire-to-wire connectors are instrumental in establishing reliable connections between individual wires. These connectors are utilized in various applications, including automotive wiring harnesses, household appliances, and lighting systems. They ensure secure and efficient wire-to-wire connections, simplifying the installation and maintenance processes.


AMP Connectors Power Connectors

AMP Connectors Power ConnectorsAMP power connectors are specifically designed to handle high current and voltage requirements. These connectors are widely used in power transmission and distribution systems, including industrial machinery, renewable energy systems, and electric vehicles. The robust construction of AMP power connectors ensures safe and efficient power transfer, enabling reliable operation in demanding environments.


AMP Connectors High-Speed Connectors

AMP Connectors High-Speed ConnectorsAMP high-speed connectors are engineered to meet the demands of modern data communication systems. These connectors provide high-speed data transmission capabilities, making them suitable for applications such as telecommunications, networking, and data centers. In addition, with advanced signal integrity features, AMP high-speed connectors ensure minimal signal loss and reliable performance in high-bandwidth applications.


We Are Distributor of AMP Connectors Products

BD Electronics is a leading distributor of AMP Connectors products and a reliable source of a wide range of hard-to-find electronic components. BD Electronics is dedicated to fulfilling the unique requirements of its customers and has become a trusted supplier of a wide range of electronic components, not limited to just AMP Connectors. Their extensive product catalog includes semiconductors, passive components, interconnect solutions, optoelectronics, and more.

By offering a comprehensive selection of electronic components, BD Electronics ensures customers can find all the necessary parts for their projects in one place. This saves valuable time and effort, streamlining the procurement process. Whether it’s sourcing rare or discontinued components or providing solutions for specific application requirements, BD Electronics has the expertise to assist customers in finding the right components for their projects.

BD Electronics maintains strong relationships with reputable manufacturers as a trusted distributors, enabling them to source authentic and high-quality electronic components. This dedication to quality ensures that customers receive genuine components that meet industry standards and perform reliably.

Furthermore, BD Electronics understands the importance of prompt and reliable delivery. They have implemented efficient logistics and shipping processes to ensure the timely delivery of components to customers worldwide. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, BD Electronics strives to provide an exceptional purchasing experience from start to finish.

BD Electronics goes beyond being a leading distributor of AMP Connectors by offering a diverse range of hard-to-find electronic components. With their extensive product selection, expertise in sourcing rare components, commitment to quality, and efficient delivery services, BD Electronics has become a trusted partner for customers seeking reliable and comprehensive solutions for their electronic component needs. Click below to buy AMP Connectors electronic components!



Q: What are AMP connectors used for?

A: AMP connectors are used for various electrical and electronic applications. They provide reliable and secure power, signal, and data communication connections. Typical applications include automotive wiring, telecommunications systems, industrial equipment, aerospace components, and consumer electronics.

Q: Where can I order AMP Connectors products?

A: You can order AMP Connectors products directly from leading distributors or the manufacturer’s website. Reliable distributors, such as BD Electronics, offer a wide range of AMP Connectors products and provide reliable customer service. Additionally, online electronic component marketplaces and specialized retailers may also carry AMP Connectors products for purchase.

Q: Are AMP connectors compatible with other connector brands?

A: AMP connectors adhere to industry standards, ensuring compatibility with connectors from other reputable brands. To ensure that your AMP Connectors products fit and work properly, it is recommended that you check their specifications and compatibility requirements beforehand.

Q: Can I find custom-made or specialized AMP connectors?

A: Yes, AMP connectors can be customized or specialized to meet specific application requirements. Manufacturers or reliable distributors may offer options for custom configurations, contact arrangements, or specific features tailored to your needs. To better meet your needs, communicate directly with the manufacturer or distributor and discuss customized solutions.

Q: Are there waterproof or environmentally sealed AMP connectors available?

A: Yes, AMP connectors include waterproof or environmentally sealed options for applications that require protection against moisture, dust, or harsh environmental conditions. These connectors often feature specialized sealing mechanisms and ruggedized designs to ensure reliable performance in challenging environments.

Q: What is the typical lead time for AMP connectors?

A: The lead time for AMP connectors can vary depending on product availability, order quantity, and customization requirements. It is advisable to check with the distributor or manufacturer when placing an order to get an estimate of the lead time for the specific product you need.

Q: Are any specific tools or accessories required for working with AMP connectors?

A: Working with AMP connectors may require specific crimping tools, insertion/extraction tools, or other accessories for proper installation and maintenance. These tools and accessories are designed to ensure secure and reliable connections. It is recommended to use the appropriate tools specified by the connector manufacturer to achieve optimal results.

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