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TE CONNECTIVITY is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of connectors and sensors. The company designs and manufactures high-tech amp automotive connectors and sensors applied in several industries.

Established over 75 years ago, TE CONNECTIVITY is an American-Swiss-owned electronics components manufacturer. The solutions designed by this manufacturer can power smart homes, electric vehicles, aircraft, and digital factories. 

With a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, TE CONNECTIVITY has a global workforce of 89,000 employees, including more than 8,000 engineers. The company serves customers in approximately 140 countries.


TE CONNECTIVITY Products and Technologies

TE CONNECTIVITY amp connectors and a wide range of products are designed to connect and protect data, signal, and power flow in different applications. In addition, the company manufactures products of highly-engineered sensors and connectivity solutions.


AMP Connector Catalog

Product Category

Featured Products

Example Applications

Antennae M2M & IoT Antennae
  • Cars
  • Heavy-transport vehicles, including rail
  • Wide variety of personal electronics
  • Mobile device
  • Wearable technology
Cable Assemblies Copper Cable Assemblies
  • Transmit power, video, audio, RF, and high-speed data
  • Provide lightning protection
PCB Connectors Backplane Connectors
  • Low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS)
  • Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) applications
EMI Filters Board Level Shielding
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • Consumer electronics
  • The Internet of Things
  • Point of sale equipment
Heat Shrinking Tube Single Wall Tubing
  • Electrical insulation
  • Mechanical protection
  • Environmental sealing
  • Strain relief

TE CONNECTIVITY Product Applications

  • 5G and Wireless Equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Data Centers and Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation and Control
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Sensor Applications
  • Oil and Gas
  • IoT Connectivity



TE amp connectors, sensors, and other products are distributed worldwide by official distributors like BD Electronics. In addition, customers can access these vast arrays of amp connectors catalog through TE CONNECTIVITY distributors network globally.



Want to find out more about what TE Connectivity distributors offer? You may contact us today to know more about their products and offerings.


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