About TechNexion

TechNexion manufactures and designs innovative embedded solutions. TechNexion has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are responsible for developing some of the complex technologies. In addition, the leading embedded product manufacturer undergoes rigorous quality and inspection at every manufacturing stage.


TechNexion has a team of highly efficient engineers and product experts. And all of them are responsible for designing cutting-edge embedded systems for various applications, including media streaming, networking, automation, medical, and more!


Since its inception in 2001, TechNexion has been able to deploy computer-integrated products for both OEMs and individual users.


TechNexion Products & Technologies

TechNexion has a vast array of products:


  • System on modules
  • Embedded Vision
  • Embedded Computing
  • Panel Computing
  • Cloud and Connectivity
  • Robotics


TechNexion Product Applications


TechNexion products are utilized in the following sectors:


  • Media Streaming Applications
  • Networking Security
  • Medical Care Equipment
  • Factory Automation
  • Industrial


TechNexion Distributors


BD Electronics, a leading TechNexion Distributors ships TechNexion’s embedded products worldwide at the most competitive prices. BD Electronics is renowned for distributing rare and obsolete electronic components to business owners worldwide. We are not only specialized in supplying electronic components but also in various parts and other supplies. Our business partners are some of the industry leaders, just like TechNexion. Should you need any electronic or embedded products, get in touch with BD Electronics today!


FAQ About TechNexion


Q1: What is TechNexion known for?


A: TechNexion is known for its wide range of computer hardware.


Q2: Where are TechNexion headquarters located?


A: TechNexion’s headquarters are located in Taiwan.


Q3: What is TechNexion’s official website?


A: TechNexion’s official website is www.technexion.com


Q4: Where to order TechNexion products online?


A: Click here on the BD Electronics’ website to buy TechNexion products online. Request a free quote on this page by adding your parts and component requirements in a simple form.


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