About Tensility International Corporation

Tensility International Corporation is known as the leading manufacturer of connectors, cable assemblies, wires, AC power cords, and power supplies. Tensility International Corporation is the only wire manufacturer in the world specializing in making the most advanced connectors and cables used by the computer, audio/video, and networking industries. Tensility International Corporation is committed to innovation and new ideas. 


Tensility International Corporation Products & Technologies


Tensility International Corporation’s products include:


Cable Assemblies

  • LED Cables
  • Audio-Video Cables
  • Dc Power Cables
  • USB Cables
  • M5 Cables
  • M8 Cables
  • M12 Cables
  • Push-Pull Cables
  • Rectangular Cables
  • DIN Cables



  • Audio-Video Connectors
  • Dc Power Connectors
  • USB Connectors
  • M5 Connectors
  • M8 Connectors
  • M12 Connectors
  • Push-Pull Connectors
  • Power Distribution Board



  • UL 1332
  • UL 21296
  • UL 21509
  • UL 1185
  • UL 11028
  • UL 4384
  • UL 20549
  • UL 2651
  • UL 10846
  • UL 20280
  • UL 2468
  • UL 20387
  • UL 2464
  • UL 2725


AC power chords

  • NEMA 1-15P Power Cords
  • NEMA 5-15P Power Cords
  • C5 Power Cords
  • C7 Power Cords
  • C13 Power Cords


Power Supplies

  • 5 Watts
  • 6 Watts
  • 10 Watts
  • 12 Watts
  • 15 Watts
  • 18 Watts
  • 24 Watts
  • 36 Watts


Tensility International Corporation Product Applications


Tensility International Corporation develops high-quality products for the electronics industry, including:


  • Wearables
  • Film-making
  • LED lighting
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automation


Tensility International Corporation Distributors


BD Electronics has been a longtime supplier of Tensility International Corporation’s products, including wires, cables, connectors, power cords, assemblies, and more. Tensility International Corporation distributor knows your needs well. Tensility International Corporation knows how crucial it is to have a reliable distributor. That’s why they trust us for the secure distribution of their products worldwide. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact BD Electronics- one of the leading electronic component distributors.


FAQ Tensility International Corporation


Q1: Where are Tensility International’s headquarters?


A: Tensility International’s headquarters are at 255 SE 8th St, Redmond, Oregon, 97756, United States.


Q2: What is Tensility International’s phone number?


A: You can contact Tensility International at +1 541-323-3228.


Q3: What is Tensility International’s official website?


A: Tensility International’s official website is www.tensility.com


Q4: Where to order Tensility International Corporation products online?


A: BD Electronics is a leading Tensility International distributor. Anyone can directly order Tensility International products by clicking here. Fill in your parts and component requirements, and BD Electronics will contact you soon with a free quote.


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