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Terasic Technologies

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About Terasic Technologies


Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Terasic Technologies develops an extensive portfolio of FPGA-based hardware & complex system solutions for the industrial and FPGA system markets, offering hardware & documentation for academia and other industries.


Terasic’s cutting-edge design and manufacturing capabilities offer its customers state-of-the-art products and exceptional services. As a result, Terasic Technologies products have enjoyed phenomenal success worldwide and continue to set the standard in hardware development.


Terasic Technologies Products & Technologies


Terasic Technologies provides design-to-order services for its products and system solutions in order to help its customers achieve their demanding applications.


The company offers products in the following categories:

  • DE Boards
  • SoC Platform
  • Bundle Solution
  • Robotic Kits
  • All FPGA Boards
  • Daughter Cards
  • USB Blaster Cable
  • Books
  • Accessories


Terasic Technologies Product Applications


Terasic Technologies products provide a wide range of applications across an array of industries:

  • High-Performance Computing
  • High-Frequency Trading
  • Network Processing
  • Radar Detection
  • Instrumentation
  • Investment Banks
  • Data Center
  • Military & Aerospace
  • Medical & Biomedical
  • Robotic & Automotive
  • Universities Research Institutions


Terasic Technologies Distributors


Authorized Terasic Technologies distributors provide products such as HSMC connectors, Micro SD Card Socket, and other innovative and high-quality designs.


Additionally, one of its essential distributors is BD Electronics, a worldwide distributor of obsolete electrical components focusing on locating difficult-to-find parts. You can submit your part requests for sourcing electronic components, and we’ll let you choose the pricing range.


FAQ About Terasic Technologies


Q1: How many employees are working in Terasic Technologies?

A: Terasic Technologies currently has 67 employees.


Q2: Who are Terasic Technologies’ competitors? 

A: Possible competitors to Terasic Technologies include Pulse Electronics, Netcope Technologies, and Coretronic Corporation.


Q3: Does Intel own Terasic Technologies?

A: No, Terasic Technologies is Intel’s board designer and manufacturing partner.


Q4: Where to order Terasic Technologies DE10-Agilex online?

A: You can order Terasic Technologies DE10-Agilex or other products on the BD Electronics website. Just send in your part requirements and the amount you need, and our team will quickly cater to you.


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