4D Systems

4D Systems is a leading global brand founded in 1990, it is specializing in intelligent graphic display solutions and processors. The company is driven to shape how society interprets the world through its state-of-the-art products. These are available through its business partners as ready-made or for customization anywhere globally.  


It has a wide range of embedded leverage displays of OLED and LCD technology. It also has dedicated graphic processors that provide affordable and superior systems for any application. There are more beyond these as 4D Systems uses resistive and capacitive touch to provide its visual display solutions with a comprehensive user interface. 


The company created different brands to represent its groundbreaking products which are listed



“We design, develop, and manufacture intelligent graphics solutions 

using the latest OLED and LCD technology available.”



“Our custom processors which provide high-quality graphics, 

are available as stand-alone microchips for integrating into new products.”



“In actively finding your best solution, we offer displays without intelligence when needed.”


It claims to turn technology into art, so there are a number of ‘4D Projects’ that address different problems of society and innovations that make life better. One of which is its collaboration with CEiiA, where they produced the first ventilator to fight against COVID-19. 4D Systems is also working on case studies like iX Energy Pvt. Ltd. It is a company in India providing intelligent mobility solutions that approached 4D Systems as it needed an enterprise-grade display for vehicles. 


Every business activity of 4D Systems contributes to the quality of its products as its hardware and software engineering teams work with ISO9001 certified production equipment. This creates a high demand for its products and services that all of its business partners are helping to deliver worldwide.


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