Ablic Inc.


The corporation was initially established in 1881 under K. Hattori & Co. Ltd., the present-day Seiko Holdings Corporation. It changed its name to Ablic Inc. since it independently operated on January 5, 2016, for developing, manufacturing, and selling analog semiconductors. The corporation name was derived from the words Able (ABL) and Integrated Circuits (IC) to express the capabilities of semiconductor technology in contributing to society’s growth. It recently had a groundbreaking change as it became a subsidiary of MinebeaMitsumi Inc. last April 30, 2020, a result of Seiko Holdings Corporation’s transfer of all its shares. 


The business activities of the company and of ABLIC distributors in Europe are focused on its vision: ‘Small, Smart, Simple’. It is notable for developing ultra-small and power-saving semiconductors. This is one root of their success: they have been producing easy-to-use products without high expenditures. Due to Ablic’s integrated production system, every piece is of high quality, from circuit design to manufacturing. It constantly addresses the market needs by presenting new values that will delight its customers and provide a sustainable future. 


Complementary MOS Integrated Circuits (CMOS IC) is the very first product produced by Ablic and was used in quartz watches. It continued to supply small, low-power consumption and accurate analog semiconductors for other technologies such as mobile, automotive devices, and medical equipment. The corporation is also known for lithium-ion battery protection IC, automotive memory products, and many more of its high-quality product lines recognized globally. Its provision of prompt customer support also extends to all its offices and ABLIC distributors in Europe and other continents. 


Ablic’s headquarter is located in Tokyo, Japan, and five other domestic branches spread throughout the country. Its products are in demand worldwide, so they made them available by having ABLIC distributors in Europe, America, and Asia. 


You may BD Electronics today, one of the many ABLIC distributors in Europe for more product information and assistance. 

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