AC Electronics

AC Electronics has been in the industry for two decades, specializing in lighting power products. It is a US-based company recognized as a leader in offering products that can handle extreme temperature applications. Locally, it is one of the nation’s foremost providers of LED drivers, power supplies, conversion & retrofit kits, and electronic ballasts and extends them globally through its authorized distributors.


The company has an array of product offers, and these are as follows: 

  • Emergency LED Drive: ELD Constant Power, ELD Constant Current, ELD Inverter
  • LED Modules, 48/50 Modules Express & Custom Module
  • Ballast & UV Ballast
  • LED Minuteman 5™ Retrofit Kits – Transforms existing fixtures to be energy saving-cost efficient light sources that are easy to install. It is available in different designs, making it possible to adapt to any housing requirements.  


As the company specializes in LED Drivers, this category has more specifics presented below: 

  • Matchbox Sized: o-10v Dimming, Phase-Cut
  • Programmable – Improves fixture efficiency and solves binning issues.
  • Switch Hitter: Constant Current – Features 4 applications of instantly adjustable currents. 
  • Fixed Current Output: CC1 (7W – 12W) , CC2 (50W) , and CC3 (120W – 200W)
  • Constant Voltage: CV3 (25W – 60W) and CV4 (100W)


AC Electronics is committed to providing its customers with innovative, cost-saving, and quality power products. It emphasizes its outstanding customer support and the availability of customization that promises to deliver the service without any charge in 4 weeks. It is a service feature that can modify, adapt, and re-engineer almost any AC Electronics item according to the customer’s demand. Regardless of the transaction, every customer is given excellent warranty coverage and technical support on top of the product’s exceptional quality. 

It is proud to be supporting the market with 15,000,000 installation sites and having AC Electronics distributors worldwide who help make its products readily available across the globe. 


You may BD Electronics today, one of the many AC Electronics distributors worldwide for more information and assistance on AC Electronics lighting power products.

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